Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Analysis of world AC-DC switching power supplies market

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Research and Markets has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Analysis on World AC-DC Switching Power Supplies Market" to its offering.

This research covers the world AC-DC SPS market segmented based on the power ranges that include low, medium, high, very high and extremely high ranges. Each segment is further analyzed based on the geographic regions and end-user application markets. Every segment discusses revenue forecasts, market trends, and competitive analysis. The applications covered include communications, industrial, aerospace and defense, medical and others.

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Analysis on World AC-DC Switching Power Supplies Market provides market trends, revenue analysis, industry structure, and competitive environment. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors: low power (1 to 300 watts), medium power (301 to 750 watts), high power (751 to 1,500 watts), very high power (1,501 to 2,000 watts), and extremely high power (2,001 watts and above).

Increased healthcare and military spending sustains demand in world AC-DC switching power supplies market
The consumption of AC-DC switching power supplies is driven by the demand for electrical and electronic equipment used in various applications such as IT, telecom, industrial and consumer electronics. The market for AC-DC switching power supplies is mature and hence influenced by economic trends.

The economic slowdown has reined the progress in the IT/telecom, consumer electronics and industrial segments, which account for a sizeable portion of the switching power supplies market revenues. However, prospects are likely to improve once the economy recovers.

"Though some end-user segments such as light emitting diode (LED) lighting and set-top boxes have displayed positive demand, revenues from other applications including industrial process control, automated test equipment, telecom and networking equipment, and television were weak during the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009," notes the analyst of this research.

However, continuing demand from medical applications and the military is likely to sustain the AC-DC switching power supplies market through the prolonged economic downturn. Ageing population and the continuous need for quality healthcare drives steady uptake of power supplies used in diagnostic, imaging and other critical medical equipment.

These products are more quality-centered rather than price focused due to the critical nature of the applications. Further, governments across the world have increased military spending to counter terrorist activities, and hence demand from the military segment for sophisticated equipment with complex instrumentation is expected to increase.. This bodes well for the AC-DC switching power supplies market.

Slow adoption of digital power techniques and increased outsourcing to Asia Pacific region impacts market dynamics
Power supplies that incorporate digital control offer improved efficiency, reduced parts count, and reduced size. Hence, expectations were high for digital power management and digital control to boost market potential for AC-DC power supplies market a few years ago.

However, original equipment manufacturers are hesitant to pay for the extra costs incurred for these additional benefits, restraining the uptake of digital power management and digital control in various applications. Moreover, the digital power supplies are not price competitive when compared to their analog counterparts.

Market participants have to intensify efforts to make these products more cost effective to improve the overall market opportunity in digitally controlled switching power supplies.

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