Friday, September 30, 2011

Diodes Inc.'s LED driver reduces EMI in low-cost lamps

PLANO, USA: Diodes Inc. announced the AL8807 buck LED driver. Switching at a frequency of up to 1MHz and ensuring closely controlled rise and fall times, the AL8807 reduces EMI issues in the lower cost MR16 LED lamp market. To achieve required higher output powers, the driver can operate at input voltages between 6V to 30V and provide up to eight series-connected LEDs with a constant 1A current.

The driver’s current accuracy of ±5% means it will meet the requirements of most general low-voltage lighting applications and lead to an improvement in inter-lamp luminance matching in 3W LED lighting systems. The driver is up to 96 percent efficient and its output current is simple to set using a single external resistor.

Dimming control is via the application of either a DC voltage or PWM signal on the driver’s control input, which also protects against any over-driving of the LED current. The AL8807’s 1000:1 PWM dimming ratio and DC dimming range from 16 percent to 100 percent, provide users with flexible and wide-ranging lamp brightness control.

The AL8807 is available in the small footprint SOT25 package and will soon be available in the MSOP-8EP package.

Vincotech offers best-in-class optimized power modules

GERMANY: In a world where energy efficiency is king, engineers, managers and purchasing departments alike need to examine carefully the route their company takes in the development of new products. It is no longer just a case of going back to the usual component suppliers. Total optimization is now absolutely key and this can only be achieved cost-effectively with careful forethought, flexibility and planning.

The market for power modules has proven to be highly successful and has taken a huge load off companies’ purchasing and engineering departments by providing a compact, affordable solution which works right first time. Power modules can provide benefits to power electronic equipment like solar inverter and UPS, especially at higher power levels, for more complex circuits and if high reliability levels have to be achieved. For optimum system performance, the combination of a variety of semiconductors, from different semiconductor vendors are required - especially for the upcoming solar inverter market.

Vincotech as a specialized power module manufacturer with its wide semiconductor supplier range, is best prepared and equipped to serve these requirements.

Mouser Electronics focuses on emerging markets in China

SHANGHAI, CHINA: Mouser Electronics Inc., regarded as a top design engineering resource and global distributor for semiconductors and electronic components, affirmed its continued support of the new China Electronics Distributor Alliance (CEDA) at the Alliance’s recent executive meeting, held in conjunction with the Annual China Electronic Fair (CEF) in Xi’an, the largest electronics technology show in China. The CEDA meeting for industry executives addressed many topics, including the discussion of emerging markets in western China.

Mark Burr-Lonnon, Mouser VP of APAC Business, said: “West China shares an important and growing role in the electronics industry. We hope to see its new product development and design activities continue to grow and that we can support this development through strong 'Authorized Distribution' that we have seen grow so strongly in Europe and North America.” The global distributor, a founding member of CEDA, also attracted show visitors with its large exhibit at the CEF Xi’an show, helping to entrench its presence in China.

CEDA is an organization representing authorized distributors in China with the mission of enhancing executive networking, protecting distributor's benefits, establishing distribution business regulations, sharing market intelligence, driving the development of electronics component supply chains and promoting new value of the franchised distribution service model. The CEDA meeting focused on west China market demand and the development of emerging market strategies in China. CEDA includes executives from both Mouser and TTI, as well as other industry leaders.

“We orchestrated the CEDA West Meeting to coincide with the CEF Xi’an show specifically so that executives would be able to observe the technical and marketing trends present at CEF and to promote franchise and catalog service all at one stop,” said Michael Liu, CEO of CNT Networks and secretary general of CEDA. “CEDA arranged its executive meeting to help foster networking between the members of local top electronics manufacturers and research institutes during the show’s duration.”

TerraLUX TLM-R16B LED light engine recognized by IES

LONGMONT, USA: TerraLUX announced that its TLM-R16B LED light engine, a LED replacement for conventional halogen MR16 bulbs, has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Committee as providing "an advancement in the art and science of lighting."

The accepted products are part of the 2011 IES Progress Report, which presents significant developments and improvements in the lighting industry over the past year.

The TLM-R16B LED light engine is the only LED replacement for MR16 halogen bulbs that can confidently be used in any MR16 fixture environment, including SEALED landscape fixtures. Thanks to a geometry that allows proper heat sinking with the housing of the fixture coupled with TerraLUX’s patented LEDsense thermal management technology, the TLM-R16B LED engine maximizes light output while assuring long-term lumen maintenance.

The LEDsense enabled and fully integrated LED driver constantly monitors LED temperature and optimizes LED drive current without ever exceeding LED manufacturer’s recommendations for reliability and long-term lumen maintenance, per LM-80 data reports.

As a result, TerraLUX can claim 60,000 hours with 70 percent lumen maintenance—even under unpredictable environmental conditions. That means that the TLM-R16B LED engine will deliver its nominal lumen output (over 400 lumens) over tens of thousands of hours, even in a sealed fixture. No MR-16 LED retrofit bulb currently on the market can reliably be used in these conditions while maintaining long-term lumen maintenance.

Additionally, the Dynamic Transformer Recognition technology built into the TLM-R16B module allows it to be compatible with a broad range of 12/24V AC/DC electronic and magnetic transformers, in combination with most available dimmers.

The TLM-R16B module therefore enables fixture manufacturers to easily develop a high-performance highly reliable LED retrofit of their existing MR-16 halogen products.

The Progress Report submittals, which consist of new products, applications, research, publications and design tools, are reviewed by the IES Progress Committee, whose mission is to keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world and prepare a yearly review of achievements for the Society. The committee is made up of industry experts from all different aspects of the lighting industry. Each submittal goes through a judging process and is evaluated for its uniqueness, innovativeness and significance to the lighting industry. Judging is not based on aesthetics, but focuses on and honors technical advancements.

The accepted products will be presented at the IES Annual Conference that will take place in Austin, TX from October 30th until November 1st, 2011.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

State of OLED lighting manufacturing

GLEN ALLEN, USA: Industry analyst firm, NanoMarkets released its newest report on the OLED lighting market. The report, "A Capacity and Opportunity Analysis of OLED Lighting Manufacturing" is the next in the firm's on-going coverage of this space.

Previous OLED lighting reports from NanoMarkets have provided granular market forecasts, assessments of European and Asian market opportunities, materials and the business case for OLED lighting.

The report also includes an eight-year forecast of OLED lighting manufacturing capacity broken out by individual manufacturer and whether the facilities will use solution processing or more conventional fabrication. An assessment of necessary investment levels for the manufacturing infrastructure is also part of this new report.

Among the firms covered in this report are: Aixtron, Applied Materials, AUO, Cannon Anelva, DuPont, GE, Kaneka, Kateeva, Konica Minolta, LG Chem, Lumiotec, Mitsubishi, Ledon, Moser Baer, NEC, Osram, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, PolyPhotonix, Rohm, Samsung, Sunic, Tokki, UDC, Ulvac, Veeco, and Visionox.

Key findings
While several firms have announced ambitious revenue goals for OLED lighting, no company has yet progressed beyond the pilot plant level for OLED manufacturing. NanoMarkets predicts that it will ultimately take billions of dollars in investment to achieve production levels required to meet these revenue objectives.

In today's difficult investment climate, NanoMarkets expects to see the rise of OLED "foundries" which will fabricate OLEDs for those lighting firms who have chosen a fabless business model. The report also says that some OLED lighting firms will use depreciated OLED display production lines where they are available.

NanoMarkets believes that in the long run, the only way for price points to get low enough to turn OLED lighting into a mass market will be when full-scale solution processing can be put into operation. But there are still significant problems to be resolved. For example, there is still little understanding how to print layers that are just 10-50 nm thick at high speed. Layers this thin are not unusual in the case of OLEDs.

GE and others have made good progress with regard to yields from solution processing plants. But for now, vapor deposition is king of the hill when it comes to fabricating OLEDs. One compromise solution may arrive in the form of hybrid technologies such as organic vapor jet printing which combines the best of OVPD with inkjet.

Digi-Key broadens line card with Lattice MachXO2 programmable logic devices

THIEF RIVER FALLS, USA: Digi-Key Corp. announced the addition of Lattice’s MachXO2 Programmable Logic Devices.

Lattice Semiconductor's MachXO2 family of infinitely reconfigurable Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) offers designers of low density PLDs an unprecedented mix of low cost, low power and high system integration in a single device. Combining an optimized look-up table (LUT) architecture with 65 nm embedded Flash process technology, the MachXO2 family delivers an increase in logic density, an increase in embedded memory, and a reduction in static power compared to the prior generation, the MachXO PLD family.

The MachXO2 family offers system designers the benefits of increased system integration, improved system robustness and reduced static power consumption. In addition, the MachXO2 family includes hardened implementations of some of the most popular functions used in system applications (telecom infrastructure, computing, high end industrial, high end medical, etc.) and consumer applications (smart phones, GPS devices, mobile computing, digital cameras, etc.). Through the provision of these features, the MachXO2 family offers designers a "Do-it-All PLD" for system applications.

Lattice’s MachXO2 Programmable Logic Devices are available for purchase now on Digi-Key’s global websites.

As the leading integrated Internet-based distributor, information about and inventory of millions of products is accessible to customers around the globe, with all products shipped from Digi-Key’s single, North American location. The company’s integrated business model provides product and support information online to help put engineers and procurement professionals in control as they solve tough product development challenges.

element14 offers most comprehensive selection of XP Power components in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE: element14 (formerly Farnell) announced that it has added over 200 XP Power products to its 130,000-strong inventory in Asia Pacific. element14 now provides a wide range of power supply technologies such as DC-DC Converters and AC-DC Power solutions from XP Power to facilitate the evolving requirements of electronic design engineers across Asia.

This latest addition marks another milestone in the global partnership between element14 and XP Power, giving electronic and maintenance engineers in the region a huge boost towards the most innovative and comprehensive range of power supply solutions. element14 offers 1,000 premium XP Power products delivering exceptional value to address power solution requirements, including:

• Fast delivery with same day dispatch for over a thousand XP Power products.
• Convenient ordering via web, phone, fax, catalogue or web with local personalised support.
• Order what you need with no minimum order quantity.

State-of-the-art power supply solutions available to customers in Asia
XP Power is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of power supply solutions across the Industrial, Technology and Healthcare sectors. XP Power products are used in multiple applications including factory automation, industrial control, semiconductor production equipment, communications, and medically approved power solutions.

Smallest 60W power supplies
The ECS60 series of AC-DC power supplies takes up 25 percent less space than the current industry 2 x 4 inch footprint. Featuring a no load power of less than 0.5 W, this highly efficient convection cooled unit helps customer’s end-product comply with internationally recognized energy efficiency standards. The series also meets XP Power’s ‘Green Power’ limits, and has an operating temperature between -20 °C to +70 °C.

Ultra compact 20W DC-DC converters
The JTK20 series of DC-DC converters accommodates an ultra wide 4:1 range, and is available with either 9 - 36 or 18 - 75 VDC input voltage. Aimed at space-constrained portable applications, these highly efficient board mounted converters provide either single or dual regulated outputs from an ultra compact 1 x 1 x 0.39 inch package.

Achieving an industry-leading power density of up to 51 Watts per cubic inch and an efficiency of up to 89 percent, these are ideal for applications where space is a premium. The JTK20 series has an operating temperature between -40 ºC to +100 ºC.

Steve Head, Marketing Director, XP Power said: “Our power solutions are built to meet the diverse technical requirements and power supply legislations that electronic engineers face. Through this strategic partnership with element14, we are able to leverage their extensive distribution network and eCommerce engine to supply XP Power solutions to our customers in Asia. element14’s comprehensive range of customer and technical support ensure that engineers get the support they need to deliver on their time-to-market.”

“We are seeing a tremendous worldwide growth in demand for green, sustainable electronic components with high efficiency and versatility to meet the design requirements of electronic design engineers,” said Marcus Ong, product manager, element14, Asia Pacific. “element14 will continue to be the first to add the latest range of XP Power products to offer customers the most cutting-edge technologies and to ensure fast delivery.”

Astorg Partners acquires Microconnections Division of FCI Group

SINGAPORE: Astorg Partners has signed an agreement with the French group FCI, one of the largest manufacturers of connectors and interconnect systems in the world, for the purchase of its Microconnections division. The transaction should be completed by the end of October 2011.

Microconnections is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible tape material for smart cards. These sophisticated flexible printed circuits are used in several applications, including SIM cards for mobile phones, banking cards and e-ID cards, etc. Other products are also being developed such as connectors for medical sensors and connectors for LED bulbs.

Microconnections had a sales turnover of 202 million euros in 2010. Alongside the booming smart card market, its sales turnover has grown by 18 percent on average every year for the last five years. Microconnections employs 670 people at two production sites, one is located in Mantes-la-Jolie, France (390 employees) and the other in Singapore (280 employees).

Within 10 years, Microconnections has become the worldwide leader in its market thanks to its ability to invest in R&D. Consequently, Microconnections has developed connectors adapted to its customers’ new applications, while steadily widening its product range and reinforcing the reliability and productivity of its production processes.

The deal with Astorg will be financed with a buy-out debt of 320 million euros. As is the case in most of its portfolio companies, Astorg will propose a broad employee shareholding scheme.

The selection of Astorg by FCI and its shareholder Bain Capital follows a competitive process designed to identify the best possible partner for the Microconnections division.

With more than €2 billion of assets under management, Astorg is one of the most active private equity firms in Europe. Established in 1998, Astorg has developed solid industry expertise supporting French companies in their development abroad.

“As the global leader in the manufacturing of flexible printed circuits for smart card applications, it was essential for us to find the right partner to accompany MIC’s development plans”, said Christophe Duverne, CEO of Microconnections. “Astorg has a strong track record in developing the companies it invests in, while respecting their culture and social vision. Astorg has demonstrated solid expertise in technology companies. With their support, this spin-off will provide Microconnections with the right set-up to deploy its ambitious growth strategy.”

Christian Couturier, Partner at Astorg, adds: “We decided to invest in Microconnections because the company has managed to become a global leader in its market, thanks to its outstanding innovation capabilities and industrial know-how.” “We are looking forward to working with Microconnections management team, led by Christophe Duverne. We are determined to offer them our full support to turn Microconnections, as a stand-alone company, into a worldwide success story for the benefit of its customers and teams.”

“Being part of Astorg’s portfolio will definitely open up increased opportunities for Microconnections to expand into new markets”, says Pierre Vareille, CEO, FCI Group. “Within the FCI context, Microconnections has been operating autonomously. As a stand-alone company, Microconnections will capitalize on its key assets and focus on further growth.”

"We have supported the rapid growth of Microconnections over the past five years and invested heavily in the technological innovations it has brought to its customers. The company is very well positioned to continue on this strong trajectory" said Walid Sarkis, MD at Bain Capital.

Samsung invests into Novaled

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA & DRESDEN, GERMANY: Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation, Seoul, Korea (SVIC), and Novaled AG, Dresden, Germany (Novaled), announced that SVIC has become a shareholder of Novaled.

Novaled is a key player in OLED technology and organic materials surrounding the emitting materials. The Novaled PIN OLED technology aims at reducing the energy consumption while offering longer lifetimes.

“Our investment in Novaled is consistent with our strategy to work closely with established market leaders.” says Michael Pachos, senior investment manager at SVIC. “Novaled is a technology leader and has built a significant business in the OLED space. The company has demonstrated both a technical and business vision in driving adoption of OLED displays and lighting and we look forward to contributing to the progress of Novaled.”

“SVIC’s investment confirms the importance of our technology and our specific materials for the OLED industry. Samsung’s shareholding will reinforce our leading position and help serve all our customers better.” says Gildas Sorin, Novaled CEO.

The details of the deal have not been communicated.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Agilent announces industry’s first MIPI M-PHY transmitter compliance test software

SANTA CLARA, USA: Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the industry’s first MIPI M-PHY compliance test software package for transmitter validation.

Agilent’s U7249A software, designed to run on the company’s Infiniium 90000 Series oscilloscopes, provides a wide range of tests to meet the physical-layer requirements of the MIPI Alliance’s M-PHY Specification v1.00 and M-PHY Conformance Test Suite v0.65. The software supports M-PHY speeds of up to 5.8 Gbps and will enable R&D design teams to address their start-up debug and validation needs.

“Collaboration with customers developing early M-PHY designs has enabled us to provide this industry-first package,” said Roland Scherzinger, Agilent’s MIPI program manager. “Working closely with the MIPI workgroups and sharing our high-speed testing experience with them, helps ensure robust M-PHY testability.”

The new compliance test software provides design and validation engineers with a fast, easy way to validate and debug embedded M-PHY data links.

Cree launches TEMPO evaluation services furthering commitment to success of LED lighting manufacturers

DURHAM, USA: Cree Inc. announced the commercial availability of TEMPO Services, a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative tests and analyses for LED-based lighting fixtures and lamps. TEMPO (Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, Photometric and Optical) Services represent the accumulated advantage of Cree’s extensive experience with customer LED systems combined with the use of calibrated test equipment to give LED lighting manufacturers and end users confidence in LED product designs.

Third-party labs currently provide testing services, such as IES LM-79, which is widely regarded as the most comprehensive LED luminaire test in the industry. However, through years of experience with component LEDs and Cree LED-based lighting systems, Cree has identified many other aspects of end-product quality that are not and cannot be examined by third parties. These aspects of quality include chemical compatibility between materials used in the luminaire and the LEDs, the effectiveness of mixing slightly different color LEDs for enhanced color consistency and TM-21 LED lifetime projections.

“At Cree, we’ve really ‘seen it all’ when it comes to LED components and successful LED designs don’t just happen—they are methodically constructed,” said Mark McClear, director of applications engineering, Cree. “TEMPO Services can give manufacturers competitive advantages by helping them avoid costly design mistakes and by providing access to a broad range of test environments that are, in many cases, cost-prohibitive for them to build and operate.”

Cree offers a range of TEMPO Services to LED luminaire makers, depending on their product development needs. The flagship service is the TEMPO 21 Service, the most comprehensive LED luminaire test available, which measures and analyzes a final product design before submitting it for LM-79 certification. TEMPO 21 examines all the aspects of quality that Cree has identified as critical. Cree then provides the testing results and performance data in a professional, easy-to-read format through the TEMPO report, which can become a valuable piece of product sales collateral for TEMPO customers.

“I applaud Cree for recognizing the inherent difficulties faced by both end users and specifiers when evaluating an LED luminaire,” said Steve Walczak, director of product engineering at Sternberg Lighting. “As a lighting manufacturer, we found the Cree TEMPO testing to be a valuable asset, which helps to shorten our sales cycle by giving customers an added level of confidence in the way our fixtures are designed and built.”

“The TEMPO report provides Sternberg with an additional layer of credibility because it identifies that we are not designing solely on the recommendations of the DOE, IES and other lighting authorities, which are important, but that we’re also working very closely with the chip manufacturer, which we consider key to proper luminaire design,” stated Walczak. “It’s a great tool that provides an extremely thorough fixture analysis that confirms our fixtures are engineered to the intended performance criteria and specifications.”

In addition to a TEMPO report, the TEMPO 21 Service also includes consultation time with a Cree Application Engineer to review the testing results and highlight possible areas for improvement in the design.

Cree is also offering two quick turnaround testing services so LED system designers do not have to procure, calibrate and operate their own testing equipment during the design validation stage of development. The TEMPO SPOT Service provides measurements of flux, efficacy and chromaticity for luminaires and replacement lamps. The TEMPO FLASH Service provides measurements of flux, chromaticity and throw for torches and other portable lighting designs.

Cree is currently providing TEMPO Services out of its Cree Technology Centers, located in Research Triangle Park, N.C. and Santa Barbara, Calif. Future TEMPO Service locations are targeted to include Munich, Shanghai and Taiwan, making these valuable services available to lighting designers and manufacturers across three continents.

The Circuit Design ECOsystem launches comprehensive eCommerce website

MULINO, USA: The Circuit Design ECOsystem has announced a new collaborative eCommerce website that facilitates faster and smarter PCB prototyping and ordering for design engineers. From parts research, to design, to fabrication, to test, design engineers now have the streamlined integration tool they need to make their design flow easier.

The Circuit Design ECOsystem exists because R&D is a risky business; there are no guarantees that a good idea will translate to good implementation, and design teams are continually challenged to do more with less. Design engineers are in need for a design philosophy that both lowers their risk and increases productivity while being cost-effective. The new Circuit Design ECOsystem eCommerce website helps make this a reality.

The collaboration between Digi-Key Corp., National Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, Screaming Circuits and Sunstone Circuits provides a cost-effective path to prototyping for those organizations forced to work without the resources to support a classic, high-investment, enterprise-level design flow. And, with the launch of the new eCommerce online ordering system, the design engineer can have confidence that each step in the process will be seamless and reliable, from start to finish.

“The members of the Circuit Design ECOsystem strive to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the industry in order to meet the needs of our customers,” said Sunstone’s director of Marketing, Diane M. Economaki. “We’ve spent the last several months bringing the Circuit Design ECOsystem eCommerce website to life. This industry-leading online resource is one more way that we show our commitment to support design engineers from the time their project is conceived up until it is completed, from quote to delivery.”

ONPATH launches new software plug-In for Ixia test conductor

MARLTON, USA: ONPATH Technologies, the leader in scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions for high performance networks, have released a new software plug-in for their HorizON software, enabling it to seamlessly integrate with the Ixia Test Conductor test automation framework. This new ONPATH Test Conductor plug-in enables customers to easily establish secure connections between test equipment platforms utilizing Test Conductor, and to perform complex test scenarios automatically.

Ixia Test Conductor delivers such functionality as test authoring, debugging, test management, reporting and analysis, and regression management. Enabling ONPATH HorizON software and associated Universal Connectivity System (UCS) hardware to run directly on Test Conductor offers additional features, including the automated connectivity of devices in the network, remote access and reconfiguration, port flapping/cable break simulation, and the sharing of expensive devices and tools.

Using HorizON software to establish device connectivity, the customer can then use a Test Conductor console to orchestrate their actual test cases. The result is a high-performance, automated test environment that enables customers to increase the utilization of their existing network, in order to reduce average test times and lower associated costs.

ONPATH HorizON management and monitoring software provides intelligent, high-performance connectivity and monitoring. HorizON offers simple point-and-click provisioning and secure remote control of any UCS 2900 and 3900 network. By providing the industry's most scalable and secure technology, the productivity, optimization, and scale of a test automation infrastructure can be significantly improved – saving valuable time, space, power and, most importantly, capital. ONPATH solutions also help test automation applications provide instant equipment sharing and remote monitoring, test access, and management via software.

Universal Display and PPG Industries announce new OLED supply and service agreement

EWING & PITTSBURGH, USA: Universal Display Corp., enabling energy-efficient OLED displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED technology and materials, and PPG Industries, the global leader in coatings and specialty materials, announced that the companies have entered into a new organic light-emitting diode (OLED) materials supply and service agreement. Universal Display is the leading supplier of phosphorescent OLED materials to the rapidly growing OLED display and lighting industries. Under the new agreement, PPG will remain the exclusive manufacturer of Universal Display’s proprietary phosphorescent OLED materials.

"PPG is committed to producing Universal Display's innovative, high-performance OLED materials to meet the growing marketplace," said Rick Elias, PPG senior vice president, optical products and specialty materials. "PPG is excited to build on the significant history that we have established with UDC. PPG has invested in the capabilities of our people and facilities, and we will strive to meet the future needs of this exciting and evolving industry. We look forward to delivering these innovative products while maintaining our cost effectiveness and high-quality manufacturing standards."

“We are extremely pleased to continue our strong supply partnership with PPG Industries, a world leading supplier of coatings and specialty products. For over a decade, our teams have worked very closely to produce our proprietary phosphorescent OLED materials to the highest of manufacturing and quality control standards,” said Steven V. Abramson, president and CEO of Universal Display. “The entire team at PPG has done an excellent job to support Universal Display and the commercialization of its line of energy-efficient phosphorescent OLED products. Under the new agreement, we look forward to continuing to work closely with PPG to meet the high-volume needs of the growing OLED display and lighting industries with cost-effective, high-performance phosphorescent OLED materials.”

The new agreement will replace Universal Display's current OLED Materials Supply and Service Agreement with PPG Industries. The term of the new agreement runs through December 31, 2014. The new agreement is substantially similar to the current agreement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Digi-Key and LS Research sign global distribution agreement

THIEF RIVER FALLS & CEDARBURG, USA: Digi-Key Corp. and LS Research have signed a global distribution agreement.

Mark Zack, Digi-Key's VP of Semiconductors, said: “We are pleased to sign this worldwide agreement. With the company’s deep history and unmatched experience in wireless product design, LS Research can offer our customers the best in radio module and gateway solutions.”

“Our agreement with Digi-Key enables LS Research to bring over three decades of wireless product development and innovative module solutions to a broad global customer base,” said Bill Steinike, president of LS Research. “Together, Digi-Key and LSR will enable customers to get their products to market faster by providing them with tested and certified wireless module solutions and the latest innovations in supply chain management.”

LS Research delivers turnkey wireless solutions with product development, EMC testing and certification, and RF modules. LS Research’s module offering includes state-of-the-art FCC/IC certified and ETSI tested WiFi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4, and ZigBee 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz (WiFi) devices, antennas, ProFLEX and ModFLEX modules.

New Avago variable gain amplifier modules deliver best-in-class linearity for cellular base stations

SAN JOSE, USA & SINGAPORE: Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, announced a high-linearity variable gain amplifier (VGA) module for base transceiver station (BTS) applications.

The new small-footprint ALM-81224 VGA module replaces existing discrete solutions, providing significant board space savings and shortening design cycle time. Operating in a broad frequency band from 1450 to 2750 MHz, the module addresses cellular BTS automatic gain control (AGC) and temperature compensation circuitry applications.

The ALM-81224 VGA module’s best-in-class linearity performance provides the ability to distinguish between wanted and spurious signals that are closely spaced. Available in a compact 6.0 by 6.0 by 1.0 mm package, the module offers low current consumption of 383 mA. The module’s input is fully-matched to 50 Ohms and output match can be tuned for optimal performance at a particular frequency band within the operation range, minimizing the need for external matching components and making the solution easy to use.

“With BTS manufacturers faced with the challenges of shortened design cycle time and board space constraints, our new VGA module addresses the need for an easy-to-use, compact solution that offers robust and reliable RF performance,” said James Wilson, director of marketing for wireless products at Avago.

The ALM-81224 module leverages the company’s proprietary 0.25 µm GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process to achieve robust RF performance. It delivers high dynamic range of 38 dB under 0 to 3.3V control voltage. Using a single DC voltage input pin to achieve gain control, the module provides a high maximum gain of 23.8 dB typical.

SILICA expands analog offering in Europe with National products from TI

POING, GERMANY: SILICA, a leading semiconductor distributor in Europe and an Avnet company, announced that it has expanded its Analog offering in Europe with National products from Texas Instruments (TI). This follows TI’s acquisition of National Semiconductor. Effective immediately, the European distribution specialist will support the combined full product portfolio of TI and National products from TI, providing a leading analog component and solutions portfolio to customers.

This allows SILICA to offer customers a much wider choice of analog components, especially in the area of high-speed data converters and high-input power management solutions. In addition, the combination of SolarMagic ICs and PowerWise Solutions with TI’s analog and digital portfolio enables SILICA to design-in end-to-end energy efficient solutions for solar/renewable energy ecosystems and ultra-low IQ applications.

Miguel Fernandez, president of SILICA, said: “National Semiconductor’s portfolio is a new jewel in our analog portfolio. It will open new application opportunities for our customers and help SILICA become THE distribution specialist for analog and power solutions. We are one of Texas Instruments’ fastest growing distribution and design partners and offer unmatched analog design expertise through our team of field application engineers.”

“For a long time, SILICA has been one of our important distribution partners, specifically when it came to support for design-intensive solutions,” said Chris Allexandre, EMEA Regional Sales & Applications Director with Texas Instruments. “With SILICA’s ability to deliver first-class technical support, sales tools, professional services and training, we have the perfect foundation for developing new opportunities and driving incremental growth to the benefit of our customers."

SILICA will add additional resources across Europe to ensure seamless technical support for the new line of National products from Texas Instruments.

Photo Stencil expands high-end stencil production capability in Malaysia with chemical etching line

COLORADO SPRINGS, USA: Photo Stencil, LLC, a leading full-service provider of high-performance stencils and tooling, has expanded its stencil production capabilities in Malaysia with the addition of a high-end chemical etching manufacturing line. Adding the new Chemical Etch line to Photo Stencil's facility in Malaysia increases the levels of support and available stencil technology to customers within the territory.

"Although we have been producing stencils and squeegee blades in Malaysia since 2001, our new Chemical Etch production line gives us the ability to produce complex multi-level step stencils within the region," said Neil MacRaild, CEO and president, Photo Stencil. “Expanding our stencil production capacity and capabilities in Malaysia is just one part of our global strategic growth platform."

“Demand in Malaysia for higher precision and more complex stencils that can meet the needs of challenging print applications has increased. Although we have offered step stencil technologies for many years, they have traditionally been supported from our headquarters in Colorado, USA,” said Calvin Lim, GM, Photo Stencil Malaysia.

"Customers in our territory are being faced with increasing challenges in the printing process as well as reduced lead times. The addition of the Chemical Etch line will enable us to support our customers with the most complex multi-level step stencils on a quick-turn basis."

The Photo Stencil Malaysia facility has about 15,000 square feet (1394 square meters) of space and employs 30 people. Besides sales, engineering, application support, and stencil manufacturing capabilities, the facility has a dedicated CAD department that is focused on design optimization and support to regional customers.

Vectron announces next generation oscillator for holdover apps

HUDSON, USA: Vectron International, a leader in the design and manufacture of Precision Oscillators and Timing Solutions for Communication, Industrial, Military and Space applications, announced the release of another high performance OCXO for its growing family of Holdover Oscillators. The OX-203 Holdover Oscillator allows the customer to specify a level of holdover in a small footprint, cost effective, quartz based solution.

“What the OX-203 Holdover Oscillator does is allow the customer to skip the step of trying to translate a Holdover requirement into a standard oscillator specification,” says Alan Mond, VP and GM of Vectron’s Communication Business unit. “With our advancements in crystal technology and our advanced digital correction algorithms, we are offering a level of holdover performance that was previously met in a footprint twice the size.”

The OX-203 will support Precision Timing Applications for Wireless Base Stations, Wireless Backhaul, Digital Video Broadcast, Power Distribution, Military Communications and Test & Measurement. By making phase accuracy under holdover a primary specification, Vectron has made it easier to implement holdover solutions. This allows our customers to reduce both their time to market and development costs when approaching systems that demand high levels of phase accuracy.

GT Advanced Technologies releases case study on impact of sapphire material quality on LED wafering process

MERRIMACK, USA: GT Advanced Technologies Inc. announced the release of a case study “Yields Matter: The Impact of Sapphire Material Quality on the LED Wafering Process.”

The paper details the findings of a blind material study on the effects of sapphire material quality on the epi-ready wafer manufacturing process for High Brightness (HB) LEDs. The study demonstrates that sapphire material quality has a direct impact on LED wafer yields and that, of the materials from four suppliers that were tested, GT Advanced Sapphire Furnace (ASFTM) grown sapphire material delivers the highest wafer yields.

“GT has been supplying sapphire to the LED industry for over 12 years. We initiated this evaluation project in order to validate the positive observations that we have heard from materials customers on the superior quality of ASF grown sapphire material and its favorable impact on wafer yields,” said Cheryl Diuguid, VP and GM Sapphire Material and Equipment. “Wafer yields are especially critical to wafer manufacturers as they directly impact their economics. The data illustrates that there are differences in wafer yields for various sapphire material sources and that GT’s ASF material performed the best.”

The study evaluated 25 core samples from GT ASF and three other sapphire suppliers. To obtain unbiased data, GT worked through an independent, leading wafer manufacturer and provided blind, unmarked material sources. Data was collected on key wafering parameters that drive yield and cost including wafer geometry (surface roughness or Ra, total thickness variation or TTV, warp and bow) and the rate of wafer rejections.

This wafering analysis is part of a larger comprehensive material characterization project initiated by GT to study the effects of sapphire material properties on the entire manufacturing processes in the High Brightness (HB) LED value chain.

Logitech expands range of tablet accessories in India

BANGALORE, INDIA: Logitech has expanded its range of tablet accessories in India with the launch of Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ in the country. Lightweight and versatile, the Logitech Tablet Keyboard is designed to travel easily, set up quickly and add a touch of convenience to all the places you use your Android tablet.

Earlier in September, Logitech had introduced its lineup of tablet accessories in India with the launch of two new accessories for iPad – Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 and Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad.

Available across India from today, Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ is a combination keyboard and stand. Its protective carrying case protects against damages while you are traveling and converts into a sturdy stand for your Android tablet when you are typing. This compact keyboard combines the best of both the traditional and laptop keyboard.

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard also comes equipped with media controls to manage your music and entertainment. So you can play, pause, level the volume up or down, right at your fingertips.

‘element14 Features’ brings comprehensive range of innovative electromechanical products to Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE: element14 (formerly Farnell), the first electronic component distributor that fuses commerce and community, announced that the newest edition of the ‘element14 Features’ focuses on a wide range of electromechanical products across three product categories: Switches, Relays and Fuses; Connectors, Cable and Cable accessories; Fans and Enclosures. Maintenance and repair professionals and design engineers will be able to access over 14,000 products and resources related to these three product categories from element14.

element14 offers the latest miniaturisation technology in switch products, which aligns with increasing market demand for miniaturized end user products and applications. element14 also stocks a comprehensive range of the reliable and innovative fuses and relay solutions with next day delivery to most cities in the region from global manufacturers including TE Connectivity, Littelfuse, Omron and Honeywell. In addition, discounts of up to 45 percent will be available for selected products.

Another segment that 'element14 Features' is focusing on is connectivity solutions and engineers can access the widest range of connectors stocked in Asia Pacific as well as 3,000 industrial cables and accessories. Engineers can choose from a wide selection of high performance and cost effective products from leading connectivity specialists such as Bulgin, Belden, HellermannTyton, Phoenix Contact and Pro-Power.

Fans and Enclosures is the third category and element14 offers an encompassing selection of these components from leading suppliers such as Hammond, Multicomp and Fibox. The range of enclosures stocked by element14 is widely used across different industries including telecommunications, medical and instrumentation markets.

Some of the products element14 offers from these three categories include:

Littelfuse TLS Series: These fuses are designed specifically for the protection of telecommunications equipment and they have been precision engineered to operate up to 170 VDC to provide current-limiting short-circuit protection for cables and components found in the DC power distribution circuits of telecommunications systems. The compact design and multiple mounting configurations of the TLS series allow it to be used in a variety of applications.

TE Connectivity Flexlite Wire: These offer a high-performance nonflowing insulation suitable for a variety of applications, especially those with occasional high-temperature excursions, such as high-power battery-operated devices or intermittent-duty motors and heating elements.

Hammond 1550Z Enclosures Series: This is a range of very economical, diecast aluminium alloy enclosures designed to meet IP66. It is easy to wall mount using the "through box - blind hole" construction and ideal for repetitive opening and closing

“element14 understands design engineers’ need to combine different components seamlessly in order to maximise the functionality of their designs. With a booming manufacturing sector in Asia, the demand for increasingly sophisticated and integrated products continues to grow. That is why we are featuring three different product categories this month from which engineers will be able to select compatible components across different product families to create solutions more efficiently,” said Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific.

Within the ‘element14 Features’ section, users will be able to retrieve useful technical information on the latest electromechanical components and solutions; the information enables engineers to better understand and maximise the usability and integration of various components into increasingly complex designs. Users also benefit from element14’s platform as they can compare detailed specifications across the different product categories and determine compatible products for their designs.

Zebronics launches premium laptop cooling pad with five adjustable angles

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Top Notch Infotronix, India’s leading supplier of products and accessories for Computers, Consumer Electronics and Communication under the brand ‘ZEBRONICS' has unveiled its latest addition to its wide line-up of notebook accessories – the Zeb-NC4000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad, a cool easily adjustable recliner for notebook computers.

Zebronics claims that unlike other standard cooling pads, this product lets consumers use their laptops anywhere, may it be sitting in the bedroom or at office. This does not restrict them to only a desk or table. Owing to its sleek appearance and design, the cooling pad can easily fit into the users’ travel bag. “Laptops can get hot, especially after prolonged use and on less-than-ideal surfaces, causing major damage to the machine,” said Rajesh Doshi, country manager - India. Laptop Cooling Pad directly targets these hot spots to cool and protect, ensuring a longer lifespan and safeguarding precious data,” he added.

Zeb-NC4000 is equipped with a removable USB cable that plugs into the laptop’s USB port to power the cooling pad. The USB cable can be detached and stowed inside the cooling pad when it is not needed. Designed to maximize the cooling effect and minimize noise, the elegant and light this Laptop Cooling Pad optimizes airflow while providing ergonomic comfort.

The new Zeb-NC4000 blends flip-up valve design with five different angles adjustment with ergonomic typing angle, high airflow of upto 16.69 CFM red fan decreases temperature, multiple applications for notebook and tablet PC, it keeps notebook components running at optimal temperatures and creating the perfect atmosphere for the users. It is not only an optimum thermal cooler stand which support all 11” to 17” notebooks/ laptops, with special design flip-up valve, it could easily transform and hold some of the hottest tablets in the markets. Featuring with a stylish 70mm red fan (with 2300 RPM fan speed) which is specially engineered to provide excellent airflow. It weighs less than 1Kg,

Zeb-NC4000 specially designed with five different ergonomic angles adjustable stand offers the best possible viewing positions. The two Fans Laptop Cooler extends the life and functionality of your laptop as it is made up of durable aluminium and plastic material. The clever foldable design enables you to transform NC4000 to a slim form factor making it easy to carry. It absolutely helps to dissipate the heat-air away from underneath the notebook computer for cooling down the overall temperature of your system.

A perfect choice for gifts it is available from computer accessories and electronics stores at a cool price of Rs. 750/-

Mitsubishi Electric establishes power module JV in China

TOKYO, JAPAN: Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has established a joint-venture company in China with GEM Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a licensed manufacturer of Mitsubishi Electric power modules, to assemble and test such modules for power-saving applications in a variety of products.

The new company, Mitsubishi Electric GEM Power Device (Hefei) Co. Ltd, will begin operating in January 2012 and is expected to double Mitsubishi Electric’s current production capacity in China for consumer and industrial power modules by December 2015. Located in the Hefei Economic & Technological Development Area of Anhui Province, the company plans to expand its workforce to about 800 by the end of 2015.

In line with worldwide efforts to save energy, the proliferation of inverter-equipped air conditioners and other home appliances, industrial machinery, solar and wind power generation systems, trains and electric and hybrid vehicles is spurring the global demand for power modules.

Ownership will be shared by Mitsubishi Electric (70 percent), GEM Electronics (Shanghai) (20 percent) and Mitsubishi Electric (China) (10 percent). The company will start with paid-in capital of $5 million (approximately 425 million JPY).

Mouser Electronics signs distribution agreement with Panasonic Semiconductor

DALLAS & FORT WORTH, USA: Mouser Electronics Inc. announced that they will now be stocking the progressive line of semiconductors from the semiconductor group of Panasonic Industrial Company.

The accord between the two corporations will provide design engineers and buyers rapid access to Panasonic’s semiconductor technologies through Mouser’s state-of-the-art distribution process. Panasonic offers a variety of semiconductors and LED emitters to meet the demands of today’s most advanced electronic products.

“Panasonic has been a leader in the electronics industry for decades, and we are very pleased to be partnering with such an esteemed corporation to bring their semiconductor products to our customers,” said Mike Scott, Mouser VP of Semiconductors. “Bringing our specialized distribution expertise to back Panasonic’s premier semiconductor technology will ensure a seamless, efficient experience for design engineers and the essential competitive edge for their latest designs.”

"We are excited to partner with Mouser as Panasonic continues to expand its global presence," said Jeff Howell, director of Components Group, Panasonic Industrial Co. “Mouser has the ability to rapidly get Panasonic’s products into the hands of design engineers and buyers and we look forward to a prosperous future."

With its broad product line and unsurpassed customer service, Mouser caters to design engineers and buyers by delivering What’s Next in advanced technologies. Mouser offers customers 19 global support locations and the latest, most technologically advanced components for their newest design projects.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Exar releases 8-channel compact power optimizing LED driver

FREMONT, USA: Exar Corp. unveiled the XRP7618 an 8-channel constant current LED driver. Supporting up to 30V on its LED channel inputs, the XRP7618 is ideally suited to drive up to eight strings of multiple LEDs at currents up to 100mA. Several devices can be cascaded to drive additional channels.

This makes the XRP7618 the solution of choice for mid to large panel backlighting applications using a matrix of LEDs. Channels may also be combined to achieve customized higher currents per channel while Exar's Smart Talk technology reduces overall system power consumption and heat dissipation.

"LEDs are becoming increasingly more prevalent in all aspects of lighting, where they provide a simple, efficient and highly customizable solution," said Eric Pittana, director of marketing, Power Product Line. "The XRP7618 provides the same versatility and performance at the driver level for all lighting applications requiring multiple strings of several LEDs."

With a capability of 100mA per channel and outputs rated at 30V, the XRP7618 can control strings of multiple LEDs with better than +/- 1.5% channel to channel current matching. Multiple channels can be combined to increase current driving capability per channel, up to 800mA, and multiple XRP7618s can be placed in parallel for applications requiring more than eight strings of LEDs. Current is programmed via an external resistor while analog or PWM dimming control is supported up to 25kHz.

Featuring Exar's Smart Talk technology, the XRP7618 maximizes the overall system efficiency by dynamically reporting the minimum LED voltage necessary to maintain current regulation mode. The under voltage lock out, open LED, and over temperature protection functions insure safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.

Digi-Key now stocks EnOcean Wireless, energy harvesting modules

THIEF RIVER FALLS & BOSTON, USA: Digi-Key Corp. announced the addition of EnOcean energy harvesting and RF modules to its expansive US line card.

The EnOcean product line is world renowned for offering design engineers a comprehensive line of wireless modules that generate their own energy from light, temperature and motion; eliminating the need for batteries, power wires and maintenance.

“We are excited to offer EnOcean products to our growing customer base,” said Mark Zack, VP of semiconductors, Digi-Key. “EnOcean is an environmentally conscious company, trusted globally for developing landmark energy harvesting, maintenance-free wireless solutions.”

EnOcean solutions are based on micro energy converters, ultra-low-power electronic circuitry, and reliable wireless communications. Combining these elements enables EnOcean and its product partners to offer sensor-driven automation systems that are fundamental for managing energy in buildings and industry.

Fox offers 1-volt oscillators with low current consumption in new compact package size

FORT MYERS, USA: Fox Electronics, a leading global supplier of frequency control solutions, now offers the F300 series of HCMOS oscillators which feature low voltage and low current consumption. The 1-volt oscillators incorporate a standby function that reduces the oscillator's current consumption to 5 micro amps for more efficient power usage.

Available in a compact 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm package, the small form factor F300 series includes models with stabilities ranging from +/-20 ppm to +/-100 ppm. The new oscillators offer an extremely low current draw of 2.5 mA across the 1.8 MHz to 32.0 MHz frequency range and 3.5 mA from 32.1 MHz to 50.0 MHz.

Fox's new series of RoHS-compliant oscillators are ideal for use in environments with minimal air circulation, such as compact consumer electronics and weather-proof enclosures. Portable and battery-powered devices, including satellite and terrestrial radio; WiMax, 802.11 and Bluetooth wireless; wired and optical networks for voice, data and Internet as well as automotive and test equipment; remote sensing equipment; and GPS technology are also ideal applications for the F300 oscillators.

Models with stabilities from +/-20 ppm to +/-100 ppm can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 degrees C to +70 degrees C while models with stabilities from +/-25 ppm to +/-100 ppm operate in an extended temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. Storage temperature range is -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C.

Start up time is 5 mS. The F300 series contacts feature a gold finish and the moisture sensitivity level (MSL) is 1.

Pricing for the F305R-25MHz starts at $0.95 per piece for 10,000. Delivery is eight weeks ARO.

CUI to demo Ericsson footprint-compatible digital power modules

Darnell’s Power Forum, TUALATIN, USA: CUI Global Inc., a platform company dedicated to the acquisition, development, and commercialization of new, innovative technologies, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, CUI Inc will demonstrate their latest digital point of load dc-dc modules at Darnell’s Power Forum (DPF) in San Jose. The conference runs from September 26th to 28th.

The digital modules are the most recent addition to CUI’s Novum Advanced PowerTM division, which focuses solely on the design and development of next-generation power platforms. The NDM2 series modules are pin and function compatible with Ericsson Power Modules’ BMR46X series and will be initially available in 12A, 25A, and 50A configurations.

With the shift towards smarter, smaller, and “greener” power requirements, engineers are seeking innovative solutions that allow them to keep pace with lower core voltages, faster transient response needs, and increasing thermal issues that they face in their designs. The Novum NDM2 modules, with a full suite of digital features, specifically address these growing system complexities through intelligent power management.

The NDM2 series is the first to be designed by CUI as part of the Ericsson cooperation announced in July. The agreement formalizes a plan between the two companies to offer a multi-source digital POL platform based on the BMR46X series.

“We are extremely excited to showcase our first modules based on the multi-source platform agreement with Ericsson,” said Mark Adams, CUI’s VP of Advanced Power Marketing.

“Given the growing challenge associated with interoperability between discrete ICs and modules in the digital power space, we strongly believe that a multi-source solution will provide the most value to our customers as they work on their next generation designs,” Adams concluded.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Teseq's new power amplifier delivers reliability and consistency

EDISON, USA: Teseq Inc., a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, has expanded its broadband amplifier line to include a new Class A model that operates from 10 kHz to 400 MHz with a saturated power level of 110 W.

The CBA 400M-110 uses gallium arsenide (GaAs) integrated circuit technology to provide markedly better compression characteristics and increased efficiency than comparable silicon-based power amplifiers.

The new power amplifier is designed for demanding EMC testing environments with non-ideal load conditions due to mismatch caused by the coupling device or equipment under test (EUT) in the antenna's path, making it ideal for automotive, military and aerospace BCI EMC testing. It offers the same high reliability and excellent performance as other models in Teseq's extensive amplifier line.

The GaAs amplifier circuit's Class A push pull design ensures linear performance with high reliability and low distortion across the 10 kHz to 400 MHz operating range as well as continued operation at full power even when an open or short circuit is present.

For high efficiency, the CBA 400M-110 is powered from a switched mode power supply giving the amplifier a high power factor and a wide voltage operating range. Integral fans cool the unit and an excess temperature sensor prevents faulty cooling. A remote control option is available for this unit.

A safety interlock connector is provided, should standby mode be needed. This feature can be activated by a short circuit to ground. In addition, integrated front panel indicators reveal over-temperature and RF interlock conditions.

Harmonics are better than -20 dBc at 80 W output. Operating temperature ranges from 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C (32 degrees F to 104 degrees F).

Pricing for the CBA 400M-110 starts at $17,000 and lead time is 12-16 weeks ARO.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Molex offers extensive portfolio of automation solutions

Pack Expo 2011, LISLE, USA: Molex Inc. will showcase its Brad automation product line – ideal for packaging machine builders, robot manufacturers and equipment system integrators worldwide looking for competitively priced, high-performance solutions – at Pack Expo, September 26-28, Las Vegas, NV, booth S7115.

Molex automation products are offered as a bundled solution with an extensive range of industrial network protocol options designed for the advanced-manufacturing needs in the packaging industry, including Industrial Ethernet.

“As packaging systems adapt over time, our out-of-the-box Brad products provide greater flexibility by allowing users to add power and control devices as they migrate to next generation systems,” said Tom Schoder, group product manager, Integrated Products, Molex. “Additionally, our solutions are proven, with over 40 years of powering the automation infrastructure with fast, reliable and durable connections.”

Brad automation solutions from Molex provide multiple benefits that help optimize packaging operations, including:

* High-performance network interface cards (NICs) for protocols like DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and Ethernet that allow PC-based control systems to be used on packaging and material handling lines where speed and accuracy are critical.
* Robot controllers that can be easily integrated into packaging lines using Molex network interface card solutions for a wide range of network protocols and bus formats.
* IP67 Ethernet I/O modules and switches that decrease installation costs and enable conveyor manufacturers to provide faster, easier and more reliable on-site integration.
* Harsh duty products that reduce costly downtime by providing infrastructure that is easy to install and rugged enough to endure the demanding environments found on the packaging plant floor.

Rugged new FCI 1.25mm wire-to-board system now in stock at Newark/element14

CHICAGO, USA: Newark/element14, a leading multi-channel, high-service electronics distributor in the Americas, and a business of Premier Farnell, announced that it was stocking FCI's 1.25mm-pitch wire-to-board connector series, which features a single-row design available with 2 to 20 circuit positions and suits a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

Products in the new series include terminals, polarized crimp housings and PCB headers in straight- and right-angle, surface-mount and through-mount configurations. It meets the European Community Industry Safety Standard and its printed circuit board header material also meets halogen-free guidelines.

"We have continued our commitment to have stock of marketing leading technology from our supplier partners like FCI," said Jeff Uden, VP Product Management, Newark/element14. "This series expands our powerful range of connectivity offerings."

New high-voltage rectifiers from Diodes Inc. target power factor correction apps

PLANO, USA: Diodes Inc. has expanded its range of DiodeStar products with the introduction of two new 600V DiodeStar rectifiers targeted at power factor correction (PFC) boost diode applications. The DSR6V600P5 and the DSR6U600P5 are housed in Diodes’ proprietary PowerDI5 package, a thermally efficient, low-profile, small-form-factor package that enables the design of thinner and cooler products.

These new high voltage rectifiers are particularly suitable for use in high-density switched mode power supplies (SMPS) for LED TVs and adaptors, as well as re-circulation diodes in high intensity discharge (HID) lighting applications.

With an off-board profile of 1.1mm, the ultra small PowerDI-5 package is 52 percent thinner than the industry-standard DPak and occupies just 43 percent of the board space. In addition, it offers significantly lower thermal resistance (Rthj-c), thus enabling higher density designs.

Optimized for use in PFC circuits that operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM), the DSR6V600P5 features low reverse recovery time (Trr) and reverse recovery charge (Qrr) to ensure that boost diode reverse recovery losses are kept to a minimum. Similarly, the DSR6U600P5 has been tuned for both low forward voltage drop (VF) and low Trr in order to meet the compromise requirements of those PFC circuits operating under boundary conduction mode (BCM).

Both the DSR6V600P5 and DSR6U600P5 feature a typical softness factor of 0.7, to ensure soft switching with decreased electrical noise that can lead to a reduction of EMI shielding and snubber circuits for simplified design and lower component count.

ON Semiconductor expands portfolio of constant current regulators for 1W LED lighting apps

PHOENIX, USA: ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) to include the NSI50350A. This simple and extremely robust device is designed to provide a thermally efficient and cost-effective alternative to passive/discrete components or driver integrated circuit (IC) solutions for current regulation of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The device is ideal for a variety of 1 watt (W) lighting applications including automotive, architectural lighting and signage.

The NSI50350A CCR incorporates Self-Biased Transistor (SBT) technology and regulates current over a wide voltage range. It is designed with a built-in LED driver and has a negative temperature coefficient to protect LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltages and currents. The 350 milliamp (mA) ± 10% steady state regulation current (Ireg) is ideal for driving 1.0 W LEDs; for applications requiring 2.0 W LEDs, two of the NSI50350A CCRs can be placed in parallel. The device has an operating temperature range of −55 °C to +175 °C.

The NSI50350A requires no external components allowing it to be designed as either a high or low-side regulator. The high anode-cathode voltage (Vak) rating of 50 volts (V) maximum enables the device to withstand voltage surges that are common in automotive, industrial and commercial signage applications. The device turns on immediately and is at 20 percent of full regulation with only 0.5 Vak applied.

“The popularity of solid state lighting continues to grow across many markets including automotive, architectural lighting and signage,” said Dan Huettl, GM and director of ON Semiconductor’s Small Signal Division. “Ensuring that LEDs are not vulnerable to damage due to the challenging conditions in which they are used is crucial to their prolonged operation. The compact new NSI50350A from ON Semiconductor provides a dependable and easy-to-implement single component solution that offers engineers a highly effective way of ensuring LED protection in their applications.”

The NSI50350A is offered in both DPAK-4 (NSI50350AD) or SMC (NSI50350AS) industry standard packages and are capable of dissipating 11 W and 5.8 W respectively.

Both devices are qualified to automotive AECQ-101 standard and are UL940-V0 certified. The the NSI50350AD is priced at $0.16 per unit and the NSI50350AS is priced at $0.12 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

element14 expands portfolio of Vishay Intertechnology semiconductors and passive components in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE: element14 (formerly Farnell), the first electronic component distributor that fuses commerce and community, today announced the expansion of its range of Vishay semiconductor and passive components stocked in Asia Pacific. element14 offers next day delivery for most cities in Asia Pacific for its diverse portfolio of discrete semiconductor and passive components from Vishay, a leading specialist in the semiconductor and passives solutions.

Engineers are constantly challenged to integrate a wide spectrum of components as designs grow increasingly complex and end-users demand more multifunctional and intuitive electronics. Engineers need to ensure that the different components in their designs are compliant to one another in order for the end products to run at an optimal level. This is especially true for semiconductors and passives, which are the building blocks and veins of all electronic designs.

“Our company generates a steady stream of advanced and diverse components as we strive to create new innovative products to enhance electronic designs,” says Johnson Koo, Vishay’s senior VP of Sales, Asia. “Our partnership with element14 provides us with an excellent platform for engineers across Asia Pacific to access our full range of product offerings, ensuring that they will not need to look beyond Vishay and element14 to meet their requirements. This will help boost efficiency, reduce the time-to-market cycle and ensure high performance and quality end products.”

“The expansion of our Vishay product offering is a natural progression in our partnership as our business objectives are closely aligned,” says William Chong, regional director of Supplier Marketing, element14, Asia Pacific. “element14 complements Vishay products with customer services such as technical support and an online community for engineers. In addition, our element14 knode consolidates all design resources including experts, design tools, services, hardware, software and up-to-date technical information, into a single dynamic reference point, which helps to improve time-to-market and productivity for the design process.”

Standard Technology selects ETS platform to test power management devices

NORTH READING, USA: Teradyne announced that Standard Technology Corp. purchased multiple ETS systems, including the ETS-88 , ETS-364 and the ETS-300, from Teradyne's Eagle Test business unit to test power management devices in panel, PC and mobile devices. Their decision was based on the long product life, high throughput and high test quality of the Eagle Test systems. The systems have been installed in Standard Technology's facility in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

"Standard Technology is devoted to becoming the number one analog IC and verification center in Asia Pacific," said Rick Wu, president, Standard Technology. "Adding the Eagle ETS platform to our portfolio gives us two to three times the throughput advantage over other platforms in the market. The reliable test quality on the ETS platform is the industry benchmark. We are glad to adopt the platform and enhance Standard Technology's service quality and production efficiency."

"We are pleased to add Standard Technology to the growing installed base of the ETS platform," said David Anderson, business development manager, Teradyne’s Eagle Test business unit. "With its superior architecture and instrument performance, we believe the demand for the ETS platform in Taiwan will continue to rise as the testing requirements in the market rise. And Standard Technology will be ready to provide their customers with the capacity they need."

Bright forecast for LED market

USA: Go ahead and take a quick look above your head for a moment. Chances are that there is some source of light up there to illuminate your workspace or home.

Probability dictates that it is most likely an inefficient incandescent bulb, a type that you have been familiar with for decades - not an LED bulb. The lighting market is still a few years off from being dominated by LEDs, but research and governmental efforts are on the fast track toward changing that.

In a recently published Databeans report, “2011 LEDs,” the LED market is forecasted to grow at a 36 percent compound annual growth rate for lighting applications, and expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2016. This number is outpacing the LED market as whole – a market currently being led by Taiwan on a national basis.

Recent technology and environmental policies have been pushing companies to record high revenue numbers in this emerging market. The bulk of this demand includes retrofitting existing incandescent and fluorescent infrastructure with new LED bulbs. Though communications is the largest application segment for LEDs, lighting applications are expected to generate $564 million in 2011 for HB-White alone.

The most significant technological advance has been made by Phillips Lighting America, with its 60-watt LED bulb. This bulb contains their patented LUXEON rebel LEDs that are paired with a remote phosphor system. If every 60-watt bulb in the US, roughly 50 percent of the domestic market, were replaced with this Phillips LED bulb, the country would save $3.9 billion per year in energy costs, according to the Department of Energy. These bulbs should hit retail shelves in early 2012.

As a result of this tremendous upside, LED companies are beginning to see more revenue coming from lighting applications. The LED company Lextar expects to finish the first half of this year at $141 million in revenue, with up to half of its income coming from lighting applications. This trend is common among many larger competing companies such as Cree and Nichia too. Cree has reported growth of 11 percent from Q1 to Q2 of this year. Despite Nichia’s patent battles, it is managing also to put up impressive revenue numbers in the LED industry.

Growth in the LED market is coming from more than just the demand for backlighting monitors and indicator panels. Advances in home and commercial lighting applications will necessitate a large supply of retrofitted bulbs to replace existing incandescent fixtures. This will lead to strong gains for companies manufacturing the semiconductors for these products for at least 10 years.

This leaves a final question as food for thought: when all the incandescent bulbs are replaced completely by LEDs, will there be a giant ripple in sales because of the 18-year lifespan of the bulbs? Only time will tell.Source: Databeans Estimates, USA.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SEMI announces formation of India SSL special interest group

BENGALURU, INDIA: SEMI India announced the formation of a Special Interest Group on high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) and solid state lighting (SSL).

The new SEMI SSL Special Interest Group in India will focus on materials, equipment and manufacturing issues to further promote the industry—through cost reduction, quality improvement, supply chain development, and industry promotion. The new group comprises both SEMI members and key industry leaders in the HB-LED market.

At its inaugural meeting, the Special Interest Group discussed its priorities for the next year, enabling the SSL industry to expand and flourish in India. The group will host an industry forum at the upcoming SOLARCON India 2011 (November 9-11) in Hyderabad which will focus on SSL technology with speakers from LED manufacturers, LED suppliers, researchers and others. Attendees are expected to be from academia, government, local entrepreneurs and lighting manufacturers.

The group will also push for developing an eco-system for the emerging SSL manufacturing industry in India. Given the significant growth opportunities and enormous societal benefits of rapid adoption of SSL technology, SEMI has increased its services to members in the LED industry over the last few years.

SEMI now offers numerous LED events and services, including exhibitions, pavilions, webinars, standards, industry/market research (including an Opto/LED fab database), and industry advocacy on a global basis.

The India LED lighting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.5 percent to reach $399 million by 2015, according to Frost & Sullivan. Industry estimates suggest that the market share of LEDs will rise to 15-20 percent of the overall lighting industry by 2014 from a current 2-3 percent market share. LED lighting will play a major role in the adoption of energy efficient products to mitigate the challenges of climate change, which the Indian government aggressively pursues.

Recently, the Government of India announced the reduction in excise duty on LED lights/lighting fixtures from 8 percent to 4 percent, on par with compact fluorescent lamps to promote the LED industry. LEDs are poised to replace conventional general lighting service (GLS), compact fluorescent (CFL) and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps in many key applications like street lighting, display backlighting and more. Currently, LED chips are imported from countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Germany and the US. The prices are currently high due to low levels of consumption and usage.

"With the new LED/SSL Special Interest Group in India, we will gain additional recognized expertise and leadership to help nurture the fledgling LED industry in India. We look forward to the group’s industry insights and strategic guidance, as we navigate the SSL industry in India and drive for its growth and profitability," commented Debasish Paul Choudhury, president of SEMI India.

The initial group will include manufacturing and equipment companies and materials suppliers as well as the government. Founding SEMI SSL Special Interest Group members include:

* Hari Kiran Chereddi, managing director of Sujana Energy Ltd.
* K. Vijay Kumar Gupta, managing director of Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd.
* P.S. Narotra, senior director at the Department of IT, Government of India
* Sanjeev Nimkar, marketing director at Philips Electronics India (Lighting Divn.).
* Dr. G. Rajeswaran, group CTO of Moser Baer India Ltd.
* D.J. Rao, business consultant based in Hyderabad with ties to Toshniwal Bros.

SEMI has established HB-LED events, advisory committees, task forces and/or special interest groups in China, Europe, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

Samsung LED completes 6,000 hours of LM80 testing on 2323 LED package

ATLANTA, USA: Samsung LED announced on September 20th that its mid-power 2323 LED package has now exceeded 6,000 hours of independent, EPA recognized 3rd party IES LM80 testing and the company is now able to provide LM80 test data upon request.

IES LM-80-2008 is the industry standard that defines the method for testing LED lamps, arrays and modules to determine their lumen depreciation characteristics. The goal of LM-80 is to allow a reliable comparison of test results among laboratories by establishing uniform test methods. This test data now enables LED luminaire and lamp manufacturers to satisfy ENERGY STAR Lumen maintenance requirements and lessens the qualification time for ENERGY STAR qualification while using the Samsung LED 2323 LED package.

“We realize the importance ENERGY STAR certification plays in regards to utility rebates and are pleased to offer LM80 data to our customers as a guide for expected lumen maintenance,” stated Kevin Kim, CMO, VP Samsung LED. “This data along with other stringent quality assurance measures reinforces Samsung LED’s commitment to quality, high performing products across all product platforms and our mission of becoming the number one LED light source company in the world,” concluded Kim.

Samsung LED’s mid-power LED (2323 package) has an extremely high efficacy of 120lm/W in cool white and a micro size footprint of 2.3mm x 2.3mm allowing it to be used in a wide variety of architectural, commercial and residential LED lighting applications. The 2323 LED package is currently being used in LED down light, LED lamp, LED Flat panel and LED Tube products around the world.

In addition to the 2323 package LM80 results, Samsung LED is also nearing 6,000 hours of LM80 test data on additional mid and high power LED packages. “Samsung LED is focused on delivering a comprehensive portfolio of best in class lighting grade LEDs. We understand the high level of support and product performance required as a lighting grade LED manufacturer as we continue to invest in growing our business. It’s about providing the products and tools to help make our customers successful,” Kevin Kim concluded.

Samsung LED previously announced that it became an EPA-Recognized Certification Body by obtaining ISO 17025 accreditation from the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS).This accreditation allows Samsung LED to conduct independent 3rd party IES LM79, IES LM80 and ENERGY STAR® program qualification testing. This accreditation illustrates Samsung LED’s ability to not only create quality products but also independently test these products improving time to market and product reliability.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avnet Embedded adds ultra-small form factor components from AOpen to Americas offering

PHOENIX, USA: Avnet Embedded Americas, a division of Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet Inc., announced that it will now offer AOpen’s line of digital signage media players and ultra-small form factor (uSFF) components to its customers.

This distribution agreement expands upon an existing, pan-European agreement between the two companies and offers Avnet’s customers access to AOpen’s unique mobile on desktop (MoDT) technology.

AOpen’s unique uSFF Digital Engine series is one of the world’s smallest semi-industrial media players. Its versatile and rugged design can be customized to be used in products ranging from kiosks and medical care facilities, to gaming applications, flight information systems and more. AOpen’s all-in-one solutions are feature-packed with various display sizes, dust- and water-resistant front panels, and pre-bundled, easy-to-use software.

AOpen uSFF Digital Engine and XC mini media player solutions support the latest cutting-edge technologies such as Intel second-generation Core series processors, Intel WiDi technology that shares full 1080p high definition content wirelessly, and USB 3.0 technologies. All of AOpen’s products meet qualifications for medical and defense/aerospace applications. For long-term applications, AOpen’s solutions can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer optional guarantees for several years.

“We are pleased to partner with Avnet to provide our professional digital signage solutions,” said Dale Tsai, president of AOpen America. “I strongly believe the partnership will benefit our customers in helping develop more solution-centric technology or services that fulfill the global market demand.”

“Adding AOpen to our Americas offering provides our customers with an energy-efficient, cost-effective MoDT platform – flexible enough to adapt to a multitude of customized applications,” said Chuck Kostalnick, senior VP of Avnet Embedded Americas. “As we expand our product offering, Avnet Embedded also adds strength to our integration capabilities and the breadth of solutions we offer to help propel our customers’ designs forward.”

Entire line of Cree LED troffer replacements qualified by DesignLights Consortium

DURHAM, USA: Cree Inc. announced its entire family of LED-based troffer replacements, including the latest Cree CR series of troffers, have been qualified by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), ensuring they meet the highest level of quality standards. Cree’s CR14, CR 22 and CR24 troffers, along with the LR24 and LR24-HE troffers, are the most efficient and have the highest CRI of any products rated in the DLC “Linear Panel” categories.

A collaboration of utility companies and regional energy efficiency organizations, the DLC has taken the lead in certifying the quality and performance of energy-efficient lighting. Its goal is to ensure that high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design becomes commonplace in all commercial lighting installations. The DLC Qualified Product List is used by utilities around the country to incent the deployment of high-performance solid-state lighting fixtures not covered by existing ENERGY STAR® standards, such as LED-based troffers and low/high-bay fixtures.

“For non-ENERGY STAR lighting categories, the DLC Qualified Product List is the de facto standard for high-quality, energy-efficient lighting,” said Craig Lofton, Cree, VP of sales, LED Lighting. “Cree continues to drive the commercial lighting market, particularly with the release of our LED-based troffer family, and we are pleased that many utilities are now offering rebates on our products to accelerate the LED lighting revolution. In fact, the Cree CR14 and CR24 are the only 1x4 and 2x4 troffers qualified by the DLC.”

Cree LED troffer replacements are sold through Cree LED Lighting sales channels and are available for immediate shipment.

Zebronics launches ZebStation Lite battery operated portable speaker

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Top Notch Infotronix, India’s leading supplier of products and accessories for Computers, Consumer Electronics and Communication under the brand ‘ZEBRONICS’ has launched the ZebStation Lite, battery operated portable speaker.

Though small in size, the system produces amazingly deep bass and good sound quality. The most unique aspect of the player is that it is ready to use and play at all times – just plug in an SD/MMC card or USB flash drive loaded with your favourite digital MP3 music into the built-in card slot or USB port respectively, and you are ready to enjoy!. Alternatively, you can connect your cell-phone or laptop to use it as a speaker system, through an A/V cable provided in the package.

The ZebStation Lite has built in FM radio with the ability to preset and store stations of your choice. An attractive soft-glow display tells you the station tuned (when in FM mode) or the track being played (when in MP3 player mode). It is very user friendly with easy to use button on front and also a 7 segment LCD display. In terms of outer design and colours, the ZebStation Lite comes in two colour “Black and Sliver”. The design and aesthetics of the player are striking and would appeal to every individual’s personality. The player has very sturdy build with quality feel to it.

It has built-in battery, which can be charged through bundled USB cable and also features a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable to connect to devices like mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops etc. There is a pouch and small stand in the box for safety and for allowing listeners to easily place it anywhere for interrupted fun. So, if you're looking for easy to use, portable speakers, that can stand the ready for rigors of your mini handbags, suitcase, backpack or car, yet be a talking point among your friends, look no further.

The ZebStation Lite is available from computer accessories and electronics stores at an amazing price of Rs. 990/- only.

Mouser Electronics builds on European growth with opening of two new customer service centers

DALLAS & FORT WORTH, USA: Mouser Electronics Inc., regarded as a top design engineering resource and global distributor for semiconductors and electronic components, announced its continued expansion into Europe with the addition of new Customer Service Centers in Stockholm, Sweden, and Eindhoven, Netherlands. The expansion underscores Mouser’s commitment to serving design engineers and buyers with the highest level of personalized technical support and service – in local languages, currencies and time zones, regardless of the size of the order.

This news follows the earlier 2011 openings of Mouser branches in Spain and the Czech Republic. Mouser’s Customer Service Centers are located across Europe, strategically placed in Germany, UK, France, Italy, Israel, along with Spain, Czech Republic, and now Sweden and the Netherlands. The design-fulfillment distributor has 19 locations worldwide, spread across the continents of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The ongoing development of local Customer Service Centers has been a key business strategy to Mouser’s continued international sales growth. Mouser recently reported 2011 sales in Europe were up 71 percent overall. Mouser posted gains of well over 71 percent in Germany, France, Sweden, and Spain; followed by increases of more than 65 percent in the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. These Q2 figures build upon last year’s momentum, which saw revenues soar nearly 200 percent in Europe.

“We are sticking to our focus of distributing leading technologies to design engineers and buyers, topped with quality, localized service and support to back it all up. We believe localized support is key,” says Mark Burr-Lonnon, Mouser VP of EMEA Business.

“Our strategic plans and commitment to localized customer service excellence continue to pay off with increased sales. From the very outset, we’ve seen Europe as being a major catalyst for design development and growth. With the continuing advancement of technology and steady worldwide demand for semiconductors and components, we’re very excited about our future business prospects in Europe.”

To show its support for the European market and industry’s top innovators, Mouser will sponsor three key design engineering awards ceremonies and events being held this season, including the E-Legacy Awards, which occurred last week at London’s Kensington Roof Gardens and the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) that will take place on October 13 in London’s Shakespeare Globe Theatre. Mouser also will sponsor the prestigious Elektra Awards to be held on December 14 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel. Mouser received the European Distributor of the Year at last year’s Elektra Awards.

With its broad product line and unsurpassed customer service, Mouser caters to design engineers and buyers by delivering What’s Next in advanced technologies. Mouser Electronics’ website is updated daily and searches more than 8 million products to locate over 2 million orderable part numbers available for easy online purchase. also houses an industry-first interactive catalog, data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools.

Monday, September 19, 2011

GigOptix showcases 40G DQPSK driver-modulator bundled solution

ECOC 2011, SAN JOSE, USA: GigOptix Inc. released its 40G DQPSK Bundled Solution at the 37th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

GigOptix has a history of proven success with its high-performance drivers and receivers and now with the productization of its Thin Film Polymer on Silicon (TFPS) modulators this is the first time in the industry that a Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA), a modulator and a driver can be supplied by a single vendor, while offering a complete inter-operability for its reference design and for production delivery.

This 40G solution includes:
* GX62255, a dual-channel 32G Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) driver.
* LX8220, the revolutionary DQPSK TFPS MZM.
* GX3220, a linear TIA.

“We are delighted to offer a truly unique solution to the market,” stated Dr. Raluca Dinu, VP and GM of Optics at GigOptix. “Today’s supply chain requires customers to buy a modulator from one vendor, a driver from a second and a TIA potentially from a third vendor. Ensuring that all these components are correctly matched is critical for the optimal performance of the system and can pose a great challenge when designing.

"Our strategic plan all along was to design and supply all the key components to the transceiver industry. Our bundled offering of TIA, driver and modulator, the first of its kind in the industry, is optimized to achieve the best performance, optimized power efficiency, and smallest footprint, while reducing customers’ R&D costs and development cycles. Our TFPS modulator product line offers a unique approach to enable higher levels of integration in various packaged solutions and we are committed to continue working with our valuable customers to extend our bundled product family.”

Keithley launches new general purpose programmable power supply product line

CLEVELAND, USA: Keithley Instruments Inc. announced the availability of five new general-purpose programmable DC power supplies designed to complement the company’s existing line of specialty power supplies and source measurement instruments for component, module, and device characterization and test applications.

The Series 2200 family combines superior voltage and current output accuracy at a cost-effective price, flexible operation, and features designed to enhance ease of use in a variety of device characterization or test applications.

The five models in the Series 2200 line offer maximum voltage, current, and power output levels designed to address a wide range of sourcing requirements for characterizing components, circuits, modules, and complete devices:

Model 2200-20-5: 20V, 5A, 100W
Model 2200-30-5: 30V, 5A, 150W
Model 2200-32-3: 32V, 3A, 96W
Model 2200-60-2: 60V, 2.5A, 150W
Model 2200-72-1: 72V, 1.2A, 86W.

MagnaChip unveils 4-channel LED drivers for advanced display and TV market

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA & CUPERTINO, USA: MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp., a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, has launched a series of 4 channel LED drivers for use in LED monitors and LED-TV applications.

These new device drivers from MagnaChip are designed to fit the back light unit structures of the latest LED monitors and televisions. Each channel has the equivalent of a 150mA/65V current balance MOSFET embedded in it that is capable of driving up to 20 LEDs in a 40W LED backlight unit.

Operating efficiency and safety have been enhanced through a multitude of designed-in protection functions including current overload protection, LED open/short protection, over voltage protection, open Schottky diode protection and others. The new products are offered in various package and performance options and specifications.

HK Kim, executive VP of MagnaChip's Power Solutions Division, said: "There is advanced technology behind the development and launch of all of our new products, including our latest 4-channel LED driver. We intend to continue to innovate and expand the delivery of new and competitive LED driver devices into the 3D TV and Smart TV markets which we see as providing significant growth opportunities for our Power Solutions business."

Friday, September 16, 2011

European market exhibited significant price decrease for 40W incandescent light replacement LED light bulbs

TAIWAN: According to TrendForce’s research division LEDinside, the price downtrend of warm white LED light bulbs for 40W and 60W replacement (40W bulb and 60W bulb) persisted in August 2011.

The ASP of LED bulb for 40W bulb took the most severe dip, plunging to $23.5 with a 4 percent decline compared to July this year; the ASP of LED bulb for 60W bulb dropped to $43.8, a 1 percent decrease compared to July this year. The European and American markets underwent the most drastic downturns.Source: LEDinside, Taiwan.

LEDinside indicated that in August, the LED bulb price in Europe experienced the biggest hit, with the ASP of LED bulb for 40W bulb fell by 11 percent (19 percent if the exchange rate factor is not taken into account). Although the LED bulb price drop in Europe was sharper than other parts of the world, the ASP of Europe’s LED bulb remained higher than other regions, averaging $29. In fact, the ASPs of LED bulb in Japan and the United States dropped by 4 percent and 1 percent, respectively while the ASP in South Korea fell by 2 percent due to the exchange rate factor.

Moreover, the ASP of LED bulb for 60W bulb dropped to $43.8, a 1 percent decrease compared to July 2011. While the ASP in the United States took a significant dip of 5 percent, the ASPs in the rest of the world remained relatively stable. On the other hand, the ASP in the United Kingdom slightly rose due to the exchange rate factor.

The average price for 40W bulb in Aug’11 declined to $51/Klm, while the price for 60W bulbs dropped to $54/Klm. LEDinside believes that by 2012, LED light bulb price will become more affordable for consumers. Benefiting from bans against incandescent lamps, LED lighting market will see a significant growth in 2012.Source: LEDinside, Taiwan.

Agilent intros 2.8-Gb/sec entry-level option for industry’s fastest logic analyzer

SANTA CLARA, USA: Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a new lower-priced entry-level 1.4-Gb/sec state mode option for the industry’s fastest logic analyzer, the Agilent U4154A.

The new option combines a state capture speed of 2.8 Gb/sec on 68 channels and 1.4 Gb/sec on 136 channels with scanning at 20 ps and 20 mV resolution, providing reliable capture data on eye openings as small as 160 ps by 160 mV.

When engineers require higher state mode data rates, they can upgrade to achieve state captures of 4 Gb/sec on 68 channels and 2.5 Gb/sec on 136 channels. These capabilities enable engineers to measure the increasingly fast digital signals used in emerging technologies.

The Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module and associated probes and powerful analysis software provide essential capabilities for engineers working with DDR (double data rate) and low-power DDR memory systems, high-speed application-specific integrated chips, analog-to-digital converters and field-programmable gate arrays operating at speeds up to 4 Gb/sec.

The industry’s highest trigger sequencer speeds – 1.4 GHz with Option 01G and 2.5 GHz with Option 02G – give engineers the ability to trigger reliably on sequential events without having to give up triggering flexibility.

Cree teams up with Xeralux for high-bay upgrade

DURHAM, USA: In a move to improve lighting quality and safety at its Cold Canyon Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in San Luis Obispo, Calif., Waste Connections Inc. upgraded its lighting system with Cree-powered Xeralux LED high-bay fixtures. The Xeralux fixtures feature Cree XLamp XP-G LEDs, helping Waste Connections reduce its energy costs by almost two-thirds and nearly eliminating its maintenance costs.

“Our previous lighting technology didn’t deliver the high-quality light our facility needed,” said John Ryan, Facilities Manager at Cold Canyon. “Now, not only do we seem to have more light, but we also have a brighter, whiter light that is very pleasing. The employees love it. Less energy, better light and beats our internal rate of return target – the Xeralux retrofit is a great choice.”

The Xeralux Light Engine for High Bay (XLE-HB) replaced more than 80 400-watt metal halide lamps, sockets and ballasts with high-quality LED light. According to Waste Connections’ analysis of site energy consumption, the Cold Canyon MRF is now saving 260-285 kWh per day, translating to more than $13,000 per year. As a result, Waste Connections anticipates a payback time of less than three years and the virtual elimination of maintenance due to the 50,000 hour projected lifetime of the installed products.

“High-bay lighting has always been a challenge for industrial and commercial property owners, due to its high energy consumption and the high lumen output requirements,” said Jay Shuler, Xeralux VP of marketing. “Cree XLamp LEDs allowed us to deliver high-quality fixtures that are virtually maintenance-free and enable the Cold Canyon facility to take full advantage of the benefits of LED lighting.”