Thursday, October 2, 2014

ParkerVision launches operational amplifier product line

JACKSONVILLE, USA: ParkerVision Inc. has introduced the PVOA20x series of operational amplifiers.

The launch product in this series is the PVOA201, a 165 MHz ultra-low power, low noise, fully-differential operational amplifier. The PVOA201 maintains low noise figures and high sensitivity in baseband gain and filtering applications, mating modulators and demodulators with analog/digital converters.

The PVOA201 is also an ideal candidate for wireless sensors, low power data-acquisition systems, and other devices, particularly those deployed in the Internet of Things market, where ultra-low noise, low power dissipation and a wide bandwidth are important. The device allows easy translation from single-ended signals to differential signals on the input or on the output.

Takeoff designing with TI MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad evaluation kit now at Mouser

TAIWAN: Mouser Electronics Inc. is now stocking the MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad Evaluation Kit from Texas Instruments (TI).

This new TI LaunchPad is an easy-to-use rapid-prototyping kit for TI’s MSP430FR5969 microcontroller featuring 64KBytes of FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory). FRAM is a nonvolatile memory known for its low power, high endurance, and fast write access. The onboard MSP430FR5969 16-bit microcontroller supports speeds up to 16MHz and has integrated peripherals for communication, ADC, timers, and AES encryption.

TI MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad Evaluation Kit, available from Mouser, provides a simple user interface through on-board buttons and LEDs, and includes a 0.1mF super capacitor (SuperCap) that allows standalone applications to operate without an external power supply.

The user interface enables two modes: the first mode is a live temperature mode, where data is measured using the on-chip temperature sensor of the MCU and streamed back to the user interface through the backchannel UART.

The second mode demonstrates the data logging capabilities of the MCUs’ 64KB of embedded, non-volatile FRAM, by disconnecting it from the computer and using the on-board super capacitor for power. The included 16-bit MSP430FR5969 MCU supports CPU speeds up to 16MHz, and has integrated peripherals for communication, ADC, timers, AES encryption and more.

Additional features of the MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad Kit include an onboard eZ‑FET emulation with EnergyTrace++ Technology that enables developers to analyze power consumption down to 5nA resolution in real time for each peripheral.

To allow for rapid prototyping, the kit also features a 20-pin LaunchPad standard that leverages the BoosterPack ecosystem. TI’s BoosterPack enables technologies such as wireless connectivity, graphical displays, and environmental sensing.

AVX expands partnership with Modelithics

GREENVILLE, USA: AVX Corp. has expanded its partnership with Modelithics, the leading RF/Microwave simulation model provider, with the addition of 45 new Modelithics substrate scalable equivalent circuit models.

Designed to speed up design decisions and circuit level optimizations when used in combination with the industry's leading electronic design automation tools, including Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS), Keysight Genesys, and NI AWR Microwave Office, highly accurate, substrate scalable models are now available for AVX thin film couplers, multilayer organic (MLO) diplexers, and a variety of RF/Microwave capacitors and inductors.

Component models now available in the Modelithics System Level Component Library (SLC) include AVX's family of thin film RF/microwave directional couplers and its MLO diplexers for WLAN/BT, CDMA, WCDMA, WLAN, and WLAN/BT wireless standards.

RLC component families now available as Microwave Global Models in the Modelithics CLR Library include Accu-P thin film chip capacitors for RF signal and power applications, Accu-L SMD high Q RF inductors, UQ Series high Q/ultra low ESR microwave MLCCs, SQ Series ultra low ESR microwave MLCCs, GX Series ultra broadband capacitors, MLO capacitors, and tight tolerance, high current, and high Q MLO inductors.

Newark element14 announces global agreement with RECOM Power

CHICAGO, USA: Newark element14 has added RECOM Power, an innovative leader in the manufacture and distribution of power converters and switching regulators, as one of its global power supply partners. The partnership comes as a welcome extension to an already successful partnership in Asia via element14.

“Over the past decade, RECOM has invested heavily in product development, quality and in expanding its global footprint,” said Jimmy Seifert, SVP, product, supplier, asset and pricing at Newark element14. “After working with them in Asia Pacific, we’re very excited to expand our RECOM offering to customers in Europe and the Americas.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to extend our Asian franchise with Premier Farnell to EMEA and to the Americas via Newark element14,” said Karsten Bier, CEO at RECOM. “Premier Farnell’s global footprint now matches ours, and this gives us the utmost confidence that our mutual end customers all over the world will benefit from having Premier Farnell servicing their power requirements.”

Newark element14 will stock hundreds of RECOM Power products including a large selection of DC/DC and AC/DC converters, switching regulators and LED drivers. These products can be purchased with guaranteed same-day shipping at

TI's 450-V linear controller simplifies offline LED lighting design

DALLAS, USA: Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a 450-V linear controller that simplifies current regulation of high-voltage LED strings.

The TPS92410 controller integrates a multiplier and tunable phase dimmer detection, as well as analog dimming inputs and drive circuit protection functions to ease design of downlights, fixtures and lamps powered from an offline AC or conventional DC power source.

The TPS92410 operates over a wide 9.5-V to 450-V input voltage range and functions as a standalone high-voltage LED string current regulator or pairs with TI's TPS92411 floating switch to provide power in mains AC linear direct drive applications.

Together, the TPS92410 and TPS92411 feature driver and LED circuit protection while providing an inductor-free, low LED current ripple lighting solution. The TPS92410 includes an analog dimming input pin with LED shutoff to provide easy light intensity control in intelligent, MCU-based light fixtures using the ultra-low-power MSP430F5172 microcontroller or SimpleLink™ ZigBee CC2530 wireless MCU.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fluke delivers world's first cloud-connected cable certification tool

ANAHEIM, USA: At the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition, Fluke Networks unveiled LinkWare™ Live, the first cloud-based service that enables contractors, cable installers and project managers using the Versiv™ family of certification testers to upload, manage, and analyze certification test results from cabling projects—anytime, anywhere.

LinkWare Live works with DSX-5000™, OptiFiber Pro, and CertiFiber Pro certification testers to optimize project management and safeguard contractor profitability by providing real-time access to testing results, extending support to technicians in the field, and eliminating costly truck rolls simply for tester transport back to the office. LinkWare Live is a free service available to all Versiv customers.

According to recent Fluke Networks surveys of more than 1,000 cable installers (who had collectively installed approximately 1 million links in the previous month), poor test results management creates a significant drag on productivity and profitability:

* Eighty-three percent reported having one or more test results management issues in the month prior to the survey.
* The average time contractors spent dealing with test result issues in a single month was 15.2 hours—nearly two full workdays, not including the hours required to get the test results back to the office for analyzing and reporting.
* Half of the respondents said it would be beneficial to access project status information from any location.

FCI intros BarKlip cable I/O

SINGAPORE: FCI announced the release of the BarKlip I/O power connector.

The BarKlip I/O connector, rated for up to 200Amps/contact per UL & CSA criteria, offers improved electrical performance and long-term reliability compared with alternative designs.

Designed to meet the Open Compute (OCP) Power Distribution Architecture Standard, the connector is designed to connect with a system rack bar to achieve a direct pluggable connection to an uninsulated busbar. The connection generates low energy loss with a maximum resistance of only 0.2mOhms per contact.

The BarKlip I/O Connector features 14 fully independent cantilevered beams, which provide a true compliant spring to adjust for variations in busbar alignment and surface finish. In addition, the BarKlip™ I/O connector is a floating panel mount design.  An installed height of <34mm 1u="" and="" architectures.="" commonly="" computing="" datacenters="" enables="" equipment="" found="" hyperscale="" in="" nbsp="" new="" p="" rack-mounted="" their="" use="">
The available wire range is 14AWG to 2AWG, allowing users to define the wire gauge and length flexibly in terms of actual requirement.  The BarKlip I/O Connector is designed to operate between -40°C and 125°C.