Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bourns announces new line of shunt protectors for sensitive LED lighting apps

RIVERSIDE, USA: Bourns Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, announced a new line of open LED shunt protection devices designed specifically for LED lighting applications.

Designated the Bourns LSP-Series, the new shunt protector family enables LED lighting applications configured in strings to be more robust and reliable. Most LED designs include solid-state lighting luminaries configured in series strings of 20 or more LEDs. In this configuration, an open LED can cause the entire LED string to go dark, resulting in reduced performance and possible maintenance calls and costly warranty returns.

Adding a Bourns LSP-Series shunt protector to an LED design allows the unaffected lights in the string to remain illuminated by shunting current around the inoperable LED. The new LSP-Series of open LED shunt protectors are an optimal solution for a variety of LED lighting applications including light bulbs, lighting fixtures and backlighting systems.

"LED lighting applications are exploding in volume," said Ian Doyle, product line manager of semiconductor products at Bourns. "Bourns' new LSP-Series of open LED shunt protectors address the failure rates of early LED designs. Incorporating a Bourns LSP device into the design of LEDs improves reliability and helps eliminate costly downtime."

The Bourns LSP-Series of open LED shunt protectors include four models: LSP0600BJR-S, LSP0900BJR-S, LSP1300BJR-S and LSP1800BJR-S. Customers can maximize the level of protection by selecting Bourns model LSP0600BJR-S and using one device per LED. Alternatively, customers can reduce their protection costs by selecting Bourns models LSP0900BJR-S, LSP1300BJR-S or LSP1800BJR-S that are able to isolate groups of two, three or four LEDs respectively.

Bourns' new device family comes in an SMB surface mount package and is RoHS compliant. Product samples are available now through Bourns' distribution partners. As a pricing example, Bourns LSP0600BJR-S is priced at $.30 each in 10K piece quantities.

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