Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tektronix partners with Groundhog to solve radio access network challenges

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Tektronix Communications, a leading worldwide leader in Network Intelligence and communications test solutions, has announced an innovative geolocation monitoring application as part of its OptiMon suite.

With this addition, Tektronix Communications provides operators with unprecedented deep-dive analysis that correlates all related radio and subscriber-level information into a single geo-located view in just a few mouse-clicks. This unique combination of expertise and ease-of-use will drastically improve Operator’s approach to fault isolation for RAN Optimization.

With ongoing pressures to maintain Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), operators must avoid the guesswork involved in isolating issues in order to reduce their mean time to repair (MTTR). As a result, a more accurate understanding of the radio network’s performance allows operators to react more quickly and eliminate any lengthy trial and error troubleshooting procedures. For example, having the accuracy to delineate between indoor or outdoor signal qualities can be the difference between proactively solving an issue BEFORE the subscriber is impacted vs. receiving a subscriber complaint that can lead to customer churn.

Developed by Groundhog Technologies, the geolocation application incorporates Google Earth 3D visualization, which enhances operators’ analytical capability on the geographical map. Integrated with OptiMon analysis capability, this combined, innovative application provides operators with the detailed information of dropped calls as well as the location and cell site in which the call was dropped.

A solution built for Network Performance & Optimization teams, the OptiMon solution’s rich set of parameters are essential in all critical service stages from network roll out to network upgrades. This includes future-proofing LTE centralized optimization SON use cases.

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