Thursday, April 28, 2011

ComponentOne launches CTP of Windows phone controls for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 toolkit

PITTSBURGH, USA: ComponentOne, a leading component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner program, today announced its CTP release of Studio for Windows Phone, a suite of controls designed to enhance the rich user experience of the Windows Phone 7.

"Building upon the company's legacy of being the lead vendor in the Silverlight and WPF space, we have developed this CTP using the same codebase as our Silverlight and WPF controls," said Greg Lutz, product manager at ComponentOne. "The ability to reuse code and XAML translates into significant time savings to the developer."

The Studio for Windows Phone CTP is likely to offer its users a sense of confidence given it supports the Metro UI design and interaction guidelines as specified by Microsoft. Taking a look at the line of controls, the CTP offers data visualization tools like Charts, Maps, and navigation controls, like CoverFlow, to just name a few.

"With rich text editing, PDF viewing capabilities, and advanced layout controls, ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone will instantly add value to the existing phone toolset provided by Microsoft," said Lutz.

Each control is identified to be compliant and optimized for Windows Phone operating system and marketplace, which will allow the CTP users to deliver rich business and enterprise applications to the phone efficiently and quickly.

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