Friday, April 29, 2011

LUXEON LEDs provide path to efficient, high quality illumination with white as well as royal blue LEDs for remote phosphor solutions

SAN JOSE, USA: The world of conventional lighting has allowed for a wide variety of luminaires, but few options when it came to engineering the light source. However, with LUXEON LEDs, solution providers have a host of options and the ability to select the best light source approach for their specific application.

In the illumination segment where white light is dominant, there are two primary approaches. The most common method is to use white LEDs. The second approach is to use remote phosphor with a royal blue LED. The second approach is gaining in popularity with the availability of high performance LUXEON royal blue LEDs.

“Our comprehensive illumination portfolio approach with LUXEON is to ensure that our customers have the support, tools and product options to design and optimize their solution so that it meets their business, market and end customer needs,” said Steve Barlow, senior VP, Sales and Marketing. “Regardless of the approach our customers choose, producing the highest performance white LED based system design or the most efficient remote phosphor solution requires that you start with the very best royal blue LED device technology.”

Enabling high quality illumination in white light that delivers on the promise of LED lighting has been a primary objective for the LUXEON portfolio and today’s Illumination Grade LUXEON LEDs fulfill this promise in a number of ways. The portfolio provides:
* A broad selection of CRI and CCT combinations.
* High efficacy at operating temperatures (Tj 85°C).
* Superior light output at operating temperatures.
* Uniform color throughout the beam.
* LED to LED consistency.
* Minimal or no color shift at operating conditions.
* Complete lumen maintenance data and reports.

Each of these Illumination Grade attributes is measureable and, in the case of LUXEON LEDs, publicly available.

A second approach to producing high quality white light is with remote phosphor. This method uses royal blue LEDs as the light source, and instead of applying the phosphor directly to the LED chip, as is done with white LEDs, the phosphor is positioned several millimeters from the LEDs.

For solution providers that prefer this approach, Lumileds offers the most powerful royal blue LEDs available today.

A key measure of royal blue LED performance is wall plug efficiency (WPE). LUXEON Rebel ES royal blue LEDs deliver the industry’s highest wall plug efficiency, ~56 percent at 350 mA. Because of their high efficacy, the LUXEON LEDs enable optimized solutions when matched with an efficient phosphor component. These are the same royal blue LED chips that are used to make the company’s white portfolio and as such, they deliver industry leading lumen maintenance, reliability, and consistency from LED to LED.

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