Monday, November 21, 2011

Guzik releases ADC 6000 series AXIe-based digitizer module

USA: Guzik has released the ADC 6000 series AXIe-based digitizer module. The ADC 6000 series AXIe-based digital acquisition and processing module combines high-speed waveform digitizer with built-in digital signal processing hardware, which enables mixed-domain signal capture and analysis with high-speed data transfer link to a computer.

The ADC 6000 module comes in a space-saving display-less 1U 19” AXIe module form factor. The product addresses demanding ATE and OEM systems applications in semiconductors, military electronics, physics, astronomy, avionics, and a variety of other disciplines, as well as the disk drive head and media testing applications.

The waveform digitizer ADC 6000 series module features Agilent A/D converters with sampling rates up to 40 GSPS and analog bandwidth up to 13 GHz. ADC 6000 comes with up to 64 GBytes of acquisition memory that delivers the longest waveform capture time window available in a high bandwidth instrument.

ADC 6000 features an FPGA-based reconfigurable digital signal processor with up to 7 GSPS combined processing speed to convey massive time-critical computations directly inside the instrument.

The PCI Express Gen. 2 link provides fast transfer of the acquired data to the host computer’s GPU and CPU-based processing back-end. The x4 link delivers 1.6 GByte/s sustained data transfer rate.

A software development kit is supplied to control the instrument and to integrate ADC into existing AXIe measurement systems. Guzik also supplies Signal Display application for signal capturing and visualization.

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