Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Supermicro intros SuperCompact, high-efficiency power supply

SAN JOSE, USA: Super Micro Computer Inc., a global leader in server technology innovation and green computing, introduced a major breakthrough in power supply technology. Adding to its premier line of power supplies, Supermicro now offers a new Short-Depth, Redundant Power Module option for its SuperServers, the PWS-406P-1R.

This industry-first, 1U 400W supply module conforms to Energy Star Server 2.0 specifications and has SuperCompact dimensions of L8.66" x W2.15" x 1U Height (L220 x W54.5 x H40mm).

This new power supply offers incredible space savings for embedded applications and is ideally suited for 1U short-depth Industrial PC. In situations requiring high-availability such as mission critical and high-density server computing, it provides redundancy where space and thermal limitations present a challenge.

Like all Supermicro power supplies, the improved overall power efficiency significantly reduces energy consumption and TCO. The PWS-406P-1R power supply provides an excellent power factor and 93 percent+ efficiency, superior to 80PLUS Gold level performance. This minimizes infrastructural and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) cost, and reduces total Volt-Ampere (VA) and Watt requirements.

"Our power supply engineering division constantly pushes the envelope of advanced power design and brings our technologies to manufacturability," said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. "Our product innovations provide Supermicro customers with impressive efficiency gains and highly reliable, redundant supply modules in SuperCompact form factors."

Supermicro power modules provide the flexibility of remote and local management for real-time monitoring and controlling. The power supply also features PMbus 1.2, SMBAlert and configurable PWS fan speed. It supports node management and PMbus requirements for the latest processors such as the Intel Xeon E3-1200.

Taking advantage of the newest SuperCompact Power Modules, Supermicro is releasing its next generation X9 SuperServer products. The SYS-5017C-MTRF server is based on the X9SCL-F ATX motherboard providing redundant hot-swappable supplies in a 1U Rack mount enclosure. This server is ideal for IPC and Embedded systems as well as many other scalable computing applications.

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