Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interface Inc. adds high capacity, light weight load cell

PHOENIX, USA: Interface Inc. announced its new 2300 High Capacity Load Cell. This new hollow-column design is lighter than traditional, high capacity load cell sensors. And the 2300 Series offers a convenient flange-mount housing to simplify installation for industries such as aerospace, automotive and materials testing.

The new 2300 load sensor family is available in three metric models with capacities capable of 630, 1000 and 2000 kilonewtons of force in both tension and compression. The model 2300 provides precision feedback for measuring large load forces that will benefit many heavy industries where ease of installation is important.

The Model 2300 is very accurate and provides 0.05% of full scale static error band. Every 2300 is individually tested and calibrated in compression and tension at full capacity. The output is configured to provide 2 mV/V in both compression and tension spans. The same diameter and bolt system is used on live and dead ends.

"Our new 2300 Series load cell provides an even lighter alternative to our popular high capacity sensors and the flange mounting design will simplify installation in many applications," stated Ted Haller, president, Interface Inc.

Optional 2300 features include a dual bridge for axial force measurements and TEDS calibration to IEEE 1451.4.

Interface load cells are constructed with strain gages manufactured by Interface from a unique proprietary alloy which provides inherently temperature compensated output. The temperature characteristic of the strain gages is adjusted by special processes to exactly match and counteract the temperature characteristic of the load cell structural material, thereby providing output which is relatively temperature insensitive. The bridge circuit is simple, reliability is high, and changes in output sensitivity caused by temperature variations are automatically compensated.

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