Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flextronics announces OLED lighting distribution agreement with Sanyo Chemical Industries

PITTSBURGH, USA & KYOTO, JAPAN: Plextronics Inc. announced that it has signed an OLED lighting distribution agreement with Sanyo Chemical Industries Ltd.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sanyo will distribute select Plexcore OC inks developed specifically for use in OLED lighting applications in the Japanese market.
Jim Dietz, Plextronics VP of Business Development, indicated that the relationship with Sanyo has been a long-standing and important one for both companies.

"Sanyo has a tremendously strong reputation in the Japanese market for the quality and performance of the products it makes and sells. We've worked with them for the last few years, and there is no one better suited to be our distribution partner in Japan," said Dietz.

He added, "This agreement will give us the ability to work much more closely with some of the top OLED lighting developers in the world to drive the adoption and commercialization of OLED technology."

Fusayoshi Masuda, Sanyo Chemical's representative director and executive VP, emphasized that Sanyo is enthusiastically developing new business fields. "From that point of view, new conductive polymer technology introduced by Plextronics was very attractive to us. We are sure that based upon our close relationship with our customers, this distribution agreement will be a good starting point for developing such new business opportunities," said Masuda.

Plexcore OC product platform
Plexcore OC includes two product lines with tunable hole injection designed for different device architectures – Plexcore OC AQ and Plexcore OC NQ. Plexcore OC AQ consists of water-based HIL inks designed to deliver stable, low operating voltage and extended lifetime in polymer OLED (P-OLED) displays as well as hybrid phosphorescent OLED lighting panels.

Plexcore OC NQ includes solvent-based HIL inks for solution-processed phosphorescent OLED emitters. Combining new conductive polymer technology with solvent-based ink formulations, this HIL enables OLED display manufacturers to solution-process this layer without the concerns of potential device degradation due to the acidic nature of other HIL technologies.

In devices, Plexcore OC NQ dramatically reduced operating voltage that is extending device lifetimes to be competitive with vapor-deposited OLED displays.

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