Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aras embeds IHS CAPS universe electronic component data directly into Aras PLM platform

EL SEGUNDO, USA: IHS Technology is pleased to announce that its CAPS Universe Electronic Component Data has been integrated into the Aras Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform to create Aras Component Engineering.

Aras Component Engineering, designed for the engineering of new products and systems, seamlessly and securely embeds more than 100 million commercial electronic components into the Aras PLM environment, providing engineering and sourcing professionals with a single point of access to design, procure and sustain products with electronic components.

Aras Component Engineering was developed in partnership with IHS, the world’s leading source of business-critical information, insight and analytics. The IHS CAPS Universe database is the premier electronic component database containing part attribute data and documentation on hundreds of millions of parts from more than 2,000 global manufacturers.

Together, IHS and Aras streamline and simplify component selection, approval, sourcing and compliance processes while increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as reducing regulatory and supply chain risk.

“By putting the world’s best component information exactly where designers and purchasing specialists need it, Aras is enabling global manufacturers to make better, faster decisions and to proactively manage changes in cost, availability and compliance early in the product lifecycle,” said Bob Braasch, senior director, parts management, at IHS.

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