Monday, October 13, 2014

ETEL offers an ironless line of linear motors

SCHAUMBURG, USA: ETEL presented its line of ironless high-speed linear motors, the ILF and the ILM series. Built for use in the semiconductor and electronics industry, this line of ironless linear motors adds to the wide range of motors and solutions that ETEL provides to those industries and beyond.

Of particular importance to the semiconductor and electronics industries, the ILF and ILM series utilize an iron-free coil design which guarantees zero-attraction force between the carriage and the magnetic way ensuring a perfectly smooth motion along its length of travel with absolutely no force ripple.

The ILF is a smaller-sized motor perfectly suited for very high dynamic and low-moving mass applications, while the ILM is a more powerful version of the ILF and has an option to be air-cooled to increase its continuous force output. ETEL's ironless motors are optimal for every process in the semiconductor industry from lithography inspection, dicing, bonding, and PCB manufacturing, along with any of the testing processes.

Outside of that, they are also ideal for scanning applications and other areas where high-speed stability is required. Their very low mass also makes these motors very well suited for high-dynamic applications.

Each of ETEL's ironless motors come in a variety of lengths and heights which offer different degrees of forces and also share the same profile so that one is interchangeable with the other. They are also able to reach speeds of up to 20 m/s and reach a peak force of up to 2,500 N.

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