Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exar intros industry's smallest high current power modules

FREMONT, USA: Exar Corp. has introduced the 10 amp XR79110 and 15 amp XR79115 single output, synchronous step-down power modules using Exar's patented emulated current mode constant on-time (COT) control.

Both devices provide easy to use, fully integrated power converters including MOSFETs, inductors, and internal input and output capacitors in a compact 10x10x4mm and 12x12x4mm footprints respectively. The XR79110 and XR79115 offer versatility to convert from common input voltages such as 5V, 12V and 19V.

The XR79110 and XR79115 use Exar's emulated current mode COT control scheme that has the fast transient response of conventional COT control loops while providing excellent line and load regulation performance.

Exar's COT control loop enables operation with ceramic output capacitors, eliminating loop compensation components, a key to high module integration. The output voltage can be set from 0.6V to 18V and with exceptional full range 0.1 percent line regulation and 1 percent output accuracy over full temperature range.

These modules offer a host of supervisory and protection features for proper sequencing, safe operation under abnormal operating conditions and light load operation.

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