Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Firmware update to BlueAnt Q1 headset adds A2DP streaming audio

SANTA CLARA, USA: One of the best features of the award-winning BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth headset is that it allows for quick and easy firmware updates. Q1 owners can take advantage of this with the just-released Firmware Version 8.19 update that adds A2DP audio streaming to the Q1 so they can listen to music, podcasts, and hear turn-by-turn directions from mobile phone GPS applications.

“This upgrade provides major enhancements to the already easy-to-use and functionality-rich Q1 headset at no cost to our customers. With more mobile phones like the iPhone 3GS incorporating AD2P streaming audio, our customers were eager to use their Q1 headsets to listen to music and podcasts, and enhance the hands-free driving experience by listening to directions from GPS applications,” said Taisen Maddern, BlueAnt executive chairman. “We are happy to provide this capability through a simple, quick firmware upgrade.”

Also in response to customer feedback, BlueAnt’s latest upgrade makes it even easier to end a call on the Q1 with a single click of the BlueAnt button. Double-clicking the BlueAnt button during a call now switches between Voice Isolation standard and max levels and the headset will now revert to Voice Isolation standard at the end of every call. Updated voice recognition software provides an improved response to the “answer” and “ignore” voice commands and enhanced audio means even richer and louder sound.

Updating is easy
Customers can keep their Q1 headsets up-to-date with the BlueAnt Q1 Updater software that downloads and installs the latest firmware version available. Therefore those who have already run an update on the Q1 can simply run it again. Those who have not run an update on their Q1 previously should first go to the BlueAnt support site at to register their device. This will create an account and allow access to the BlueAnt Q1 Updater software and other special downloads.

Firmware Version 8.19 is currently available for US English with other languages such as UK English, Canadian French, French and Latin American/South American Spanish available shortly (currently available through Firmware Version 8.16).

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