Friday, March 11, 2011

Carl Zeiss System PROVE passed final acceptance at NuFlare Technology

JENA, GERMANY & YOKOHAMA, JAPAN: PROVE has enabled NuFlare to calibrate and qualify their e-beam mask writers at a technologically advanced level. The calibration via a registration system is a critical step in the manufacturing of e-beam writers and essential for their performance.

“The Carl Zeiss system is state-of-the-art and has the resolution capabilities we require. The high accuracy and unprecedented measurement possibilities of PROVE are crucial for development and optimization of our latest generation e-beam mask writers. Having this new system in operation we will be able to extend our lead towards the competitors” stated Fumiaki Shigemitsu, director of NuFlare Technology.

The Final Acceptance attests Carl Zeiss that PROVE is suitable for production and confirms the technology and market success of this newly developed product line. “This initial Final Acceptance at a customer site is an important milestone and further demonstrates the maturity of PROVE.

Its leading edge pattern placement metrology capabilities will enable our customers to realize their current and future metrology needs. A further series of PROVE installations and deliveries is currently proceeding.” explains Dr. Oliver Kienzle, Managing Director of Carl Zeiss Semiconductor Metrology Systems Division.

PROVE is designed to measure image placement and critical dimension on photomasks with sub-nanometer repeatability and accuracy. Through its superior 193nm optics the system offers higher resolution that will enable the EUV mask roadmap. It was collaboratively developed within three years by the Semiconductor Metrology Systems Division in Jena/Germany, and the Lithography Optics Division in Oberkochen/Germany, it gets manufactured in Jena.

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