Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diodes Inc.'s protection interface safeguards power management ICs

DALLAS, USA: Diodes Inc. announced the release of the AP9050, a dedicated protection interface designed to protect the latest generation of power management ICs (PMIC) against overvoltages.

Comprising an LDO regulator and an N-channel power FET, the device controls supply current delivery to the PMIC, switching it on in the presence of a valid wall adapter or USB supply voltage and immediately off in the event of any overvoltage detection.

With an input supply range of 3V to 30V, the AP9050 will safeguard a variety of portable products including smart phones, cell phones and netbooks. Employing multi-die technology and a dual exposed pad DFN2020-6 package, the device offers lower power dissipation and higher efficiency than alternative Zener shunt regulator solutions, resulting in less heating and improvements in overall system reliability.

Offering high stability, the AP9050 does not require a bypass capacitor on the output and operates consistently across the temperature range of −40ºC to +85ºC. With a maximum footprint of 2.1mm x 2.1mm and a typical off-board height of 0.575mm, the AP9050 will support even the most densely populated PCB designs.

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