Friday, March 4, 2011

Cree launches highest performance warm and neutral white lighting-class LEDs

DURHAM, USA: Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announced the commercial availability of XLamp® XM-L LEDs in neutral and warm white color temperatures (2600K – 5000K CCT). Cree once again leads the industry by extending the XM-L LED family’s unprecedented light output and efficacy to a wide range of mainstream indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

The XM-L LEDs deliver unmatched performance across a wide range of drive currents. Warm white (3000 K) XLamp XM-L LEDs provide up to 113 lumens and 117 lumens per watt and neutral white (4000K) XM-L LEDs provide up to 134 lumens and 138 lumens per watt, both at 350 mA. At 700 mA, warm white (3000 K) XLamp XM-L LEDs provide up to 220 lumens and 108 lumens per watt and neutral white (4000K) XM-L LEDs provide up to 260 lumens and 128 lumens per watt. Driven at 3.0 A, XM-L neutral white LEDs produce 850 lumens at 84 lumens per watt.

Unlike competing LED solutions that use large footprint packages and diffuse optical sources to deliver hundreds of lumens, XM-L LEDs provide breakthrough performance in a compact footprint and small optical source size. This high lumen-density can simplify designs and reduce costs for lighting manufacturers building products for directional lighting applications, such as high bay, parking, roadway, track, spot and LED replacement lamps. XLamp XM-L LEDs enable manufacturers to easily control the light output and place light exactly where it is required, minimizing wasted light and light trespass.

“Cree is the only LED manufacturer currently delivering production volumes of warm and neutral white LEDs at these performance levels,” said Paul Thieken, Cree, director of marketing, LED Components. “Cree innovation translates into ready-to-ship components that can enable our customers to develop highly-efficient LED fixtures from streetlights to downlights and from desk lamps to A-lamps.”

XLamp XM-L neutral and warm white LEDs are available now in sample and production quantities.

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