Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diodes Inc. intros LED driver that delivers higher current for low voltage LED lamps

DALLAS, USA: Diodes Inc. announced the release of the AL8806 buck LED driver, capable of producing a constant current of up to 1.5A from voltage sources of between 6V and 30V. Suiting MR16, 12V and 24V LED lamp design, the driver ensures a 5 percent average LED current accuracy for up to 9 high power LEDs over the wide operating voltage range, helping to significantly improve inter-lamp luminance matching.

The high current handling of the AL8806 means it will also meet the needs of the latest multi-die package LEDs, where current levels above 1A are required. This simple, cost-effective driver is packaged in the small footprint low thermal impedance MSOP-8EP, supporting higher LED current drive at higher ambient operating temperatures. Device efficiency is high at up to 98 percent.

With its maximum output current simply set via a resistor and switching at a frequency of up to 1MHz, the driver helps reduce the size of supporting external components, enabling PCB size to be minimized. Lamp dimming is achieved by applying either a DC voltage or PWM signal that provides a wide range of brightness control that does not overdrive the LED current.

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