Friday, March 30, 2012

Digi-Key announces stock of TT/BI Technologies’ HM78D series dual winding inductors

THIEF RIVER FALLS, USA: Digi-Key Corp. announced the addition of the HM78D series of dual winding inductors from BI Technologies, a division of TT Electronics.

The HM78D series offers higher inductance, better efficiency, and superior current handling in a rugged, low-cost part. The new HM78D-1210 series comes in 12.5 mm footprint shielded SMD packages and, in common with other HM78D models, can be configured as inductors, common mode chokes, or DC/DC converters.

“Digi-Key has always made every effort to offer our customers the highest quality product,” said Jeff Shafer, VP, global interconnect, passives, and electromechanical product, Digi-Key. “TT Electronics has been a vital part of achieving this goal and we are pleased to add these high-quality inductors to our line card.”

"By taking advantage of Digi-Key's online presence, product training modules, and technical support, TT Electronics/ BI Technologies rapidly extends our magnetics solutions to a worldwide audience,” said Donna Schaefer, global product line director, magnetic business unit, TT Electronics.

The HM78D series can be purchased now from the Digi-Key website.

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