Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Armstrong World Industries and Universal Display demo highly efficient, white OLED lighting ceiling system

LANCASTER & EWING, USA: Armstrong World Industries Inc. and Universal Display Corp., the company enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED technology and materials, have demonstrated a novel white phosphorescent OLED lighting system to the US Department of Energy (DOE) in connection with the successful completion of their $1.9 million, two-year, Solid State Lighting Product Program titled “Development of High Efficacy, Low Cost Phosphorescent OLED Lighting Ceiling Luminaire System.”

This demonstration is a critical step toward the commercialization of efficient, low-cost lighting systems for commercial applications.

Universal Display’s novel luminaire system is energy-efficient, has low-cost potential and is also aesthetically pleasing. Integrated into Armstrong’s innovative TechZone ceiling system, each luminaire, consisting of four 15 cm x 15 cm PHOLED lamps, easily snaps into Armstrong’s modular structure for very pleasing and highly utilitarian functionality, as shown in the photograph below.

“Our TechZone ceiling system seemed like the ideal platform to demonstrate the potential of Universal Display’s PHOLED luminaire technology,” commented Joann Davis-Brayman, VP of Marketing for Armstrong Ceiling Systems Division.

“In addition to its promising energy savings potential, OLED technology supports the monolithic, uncluttered visual our customers are looking for. We are pleased to have been a part of Universal Display’s pioneering development effort and appreciate the support of the DOE in this innovative demonstration project.”

“We are very proud to be playing a key role in demonstrating the potential for OLED lighting for commercial applications, and we thank both the DOE and our partners at Armstrong World Industries for this opportunity,” stated Steven V. Abramson, president and CEO of Universal Display.

“Armstrong has shown tremendous vision with its drive to integrate white PHOLEDs into its innovative TechZone Ceiling System. The potential to easily snap Universal Display PHOLED luminaires into Armstrong’s system should enable energy-efficient, functional lighting precisely where it is needed.”

The PHOLED luminaire used in the Armstrong TechZone System has overall dimensions of approximately 15 cm x 60 cm. Each of the four lamps in the luminaire consists of a PHOLED lighting panel, an outcoupling enhancement lens and a mounting frame. Using Universal Display’s highly-efficient UniversalPHOLED technology and materials, each panel offers a record 58 lumens per Watt (lm/W) which translates into a luminaire efficacy calculated to be 51 lm/W.

It has been estimated that by 2016, white OLEDs could generate well over $20 billion in worldwide savings of electricity costs and could save over nine million metric tons of carbon emissions from the US alone.

Universal Display is working under several DOE-funded programs to advance energy-efficient white OLED lighting. Highly-efficient UniversalPHOLED technology and materials, pioneered by Universal Display, have been a driving force behind advances in OLED lighting performance and innovative lighting design opportunities for global manufacturers, such as the PHOLED luminaire used in the Armstrong ceiling system.

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