Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RED-C amplifies for low latency links

ECOC 2010, TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL: RED-C Optical Networks Ltd (RED-C), a leading provider of EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all optical network applications, has launched its new amplifier suite for low latency links.

This suite addresses the two main contributors to signal latency - the time required to cross the optical path between transmitting and receiving terminals, and the time required for electrical processing of the signal.

The low latency suite includes the following products:

UltraSpan Raman Amplifier – The use of distributed Raman amplification improves system OSNR and thus reduces or even eliminates the need for FEC and O-E-O regeneration, and their associated latency. In addition, the distributed Raman gain decreases the need for discrete amplification along the link, consequently reducing the optical path length. The UltraSpan Raman amplifiers can be used in both co- and counter- propagating configuration.

UltraSpan Power Booster – This high power amplifier allows the increase of the launch power into a link by as much as 6 dB, thus improving OSNR margins and reducing the need for FEC and electronic regeneration.

DCM-optimized EDFA – These amplifiers are optimized for use with zero-latency DCM modules (such as fiber Bragg gratings) at mid-stage, instead of high latency dispersion compensating fiber (DCF).

Low Latency Single Stage EDFA - provides all the functionality of a standard EDFA, with up to 70 percent reduction in the optical path latency.

RED-C’s low latency solutions are available as modules or as network interfaced units which can be integrated easily and rapidly within existing system designs. All products incorporate unique RED-C features, such as laser safety mechanisms, uniform GUI and operating procedures, and multiple communication interfaces.

Yossi Boker, RED-C president and CEO said: “The low latency suite is aimed to accommodate the unique demands of this growing segment. By combining RED-C’s UltraSpan portfolio together with new products specially tailored for this application, RED-C offers its customers a comprehensive amplification suite for designing low latency networks.”

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