Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toshiba offers bidirectional diodes for ESD protection for mobile phones, portable audio apps and LED matrices

IRVINE, USA: Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) has added a series of bidirectional diodes in three package types for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection in mobile phones, portable audio devices and LED matrices.

The Toshiba DF2B6.8 series helps protect digital and mobile equipment such as cell phones, smartphones and mobile audio players from electrostatic discharge energy that may be generated from positive or negative signals from displays or audio signals.

The series of three devices provides a choice of three packages, each with a high bidirectional ESD protection level with a reverse breakdown voltage of 6.8V and high ESD immunity level of +/-8kV (min.) @ IEC61000-4-2 (contact discharge).

The Toshiba DF2B6.8E is offered in an ESC package that measures 1.6mm x 0.8mm x 0.6mm, and is suitable for LED matrices and exogenous dataline noise rejection. The Toshiba DF2B6.8FS is offered in an fSC package that measures 1.0mm x 0.6mm x 0.48mm, and is targeted for use with LEDs or mobile phone audio lines.

For even more space constrained applications, such as portable audio players or audio in thin mobile devices, the Toshiba DF2B6.8CT is offered in an CST2 package that measures 1.0mm x 0.6mm x 0.38mm.

"These low-leakage bidirectional ESD protection devices support AC signals that can be positive or negative, and save space and cost compared to use of two unidirectional diodes," said Talayeh Saderi, business development engineer, RF and small signal devices, for TAEC.

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