Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arrow Electronics announces distribution agreement with Micrium

MELVILLE, USA: Arrow Electronics Inc. has announced a distribution agreement with Micrium, a leader in high-quality embedded software components and solutions.

Arrow components customers will now have access to Micrium’s real-time operating systems, development tools for embedded systems and training materials used in a range of applications within multiple markets, including medical, military and aerospace, consumer, telecom and industrial.

"Arrow’s reach, expertise and reputation in the embedded space greatly expand Micrium's distribution efforts," said Jean Labrosse, president and chief executive officer for Micrium. "Arrow not only builds on Micrium's existing global presence, it offers immediate access to Micrium products through a highly professional and trusted sales force.”

“Micrium brings unique development tools and operating systems, enabling Arrow to provide complete solutions to customers and help get their products to market faster,” said David West, vice president supplier marketing and asset for Arrow Electronics. “Through this agreement, we can offer a greater range of support to the embedded design community, while enhancing our semiconductor partners eco-system.”

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