Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IXYS Colorado releases new RF switching module

FORT COLLINS, USA: IXYS Corp. announced that its IXYSRF division has released the latest addition to their “4DF” line of integrated driver/MOSFET RF power modules.

The IXZ421DF12N100 utilizes the same IXYSRF driver IC found in the popular DEIC421 and a 1000V 12A MOSFET in combination to provide users an RF switching module with improved performance, reduced overall part counts and smaller footprint compared to traditional discrete devices.

Similar to IXYS’ other RF power modules the IXZ421DF12N100 can be operated up to switching frequencies of 30MHz in class D and E RF applications.

“By utilizing the 421 driver IC we have been able to simplify the drive requirements for the module while maintaining the excellent RF power performance achieved through the integration of the driver and MOSFET combined with the isolated DCB based, high efficiency RF Package for which IXYSRF is known,” said Stephen Krausse, GM of IXYSRF.

The IXZ421DF12N100 contains a 12A, 1000V MOSFET coupled with the DEIC421 driver IC for short propagation delays and accurate switching thresholds. By integrating both the driver and MOSFET into a single package, stray inductance is minimized between the driver and the gate of the MOSFET thereby allowing for greater efficiency.

The DEIC421 driver die has been designed with low propagation delays, fast switching and high drive current. The driver section can be operated from 10V to 18V and features Kelvin ground connections that virtually eliminate false triggering.

Rise and fall times of less than 4 ns have been observed into a 50-ohm load making the part useful for high power, short pulse and switching applications. The low capacitance of the 12N100 MOSFET die reduces required drive current and improves the module’s efficiency.

The SMD package of the IXZ421DF12N100 is a robust high power package, with excellent thermal performance, electrical isolation, and excellent thermal power cycling capability, outperforming the common ceramic and more expensive hermetic RF packages.

With the IXZ421DF12N100, customers can expect higher efficiency, lower overall cost, improved switching performance, smaller size and reduced part count for both high speed switching applications as well as class D and E RF applications.

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