Saturday, September 25, 2010

RoHS-open scope 2019 proposal

Gary Nevison, Premier Farnell.

UK: Belgium, who currently holds the EU presidency and appears to want to make a difference during their term in office, has proposed that the open scope on the RoHS Directive be from 2019.

Open scope, unless specifically excluded, is the subject of behind the scenes discussions ahead of a vote on the proposed recast later this year.

The date of 2019, revised from the previous proposal of 2017, is based on the assumption that the recast would enter into law during 2011.

As a result this proposal moves even further away from the position of the European Parliament’s environment committee that was looking for an open
scope by 2014.

The new proposal also recommends that products already covered by the RoHS directive do not require to carry out an impact assessment before
deciding the need for exemptions.

Both Member States and MEPs want to exclude solar panels containing cadmium although the solar industry is split over the issue due to differences
in manufacturing processes.

Likewise, views still vary on which substances should make up a priority list for possible future restriction.

MEPs prefer a total of 37, including many REACH SVHCs, while Member States back the European Commissions original four. There is also an opposition to the proposed ban on nanosilver and carbon nanotubes.

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