Wednesday, May 15, 2013

QD Vision announces breakthrough QLED efficiency results

USA: QD Vision Inc., manufacturer of Color IQ optical components for LCD applications, announced breakthrough results on next generation quantum dot light emitting devices (QLEDs), which are currently in advanced development stage.

QLEDs are a quantum dot-based light emitting technology, which in the future will be used in applications such as electronic displays and solid-state lighting.

QD Vision’s latest QLED performance results are currently published in the 21 April 2013 issue of Nature Photonics. In the article, QD Vision reports achieving 18 percent External Quantum Efficiency (EQE), which puts QLEDs near the fundamental efficiency limit of the technology.

These results are two times higher efficiency than previously reported state-of-the-art efficiency of a QLED device. QD Vision’s current and luminous power efficiency are better than the best evaporated OLED result of the same color coordinate, and significantly better than what solution-processed OLEDs have thus far achieved.

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