Thursday, April 18, 2013

Achieve improved motion and efficiency for advanced motor control designs in minutes with TI's InstaSPIN-MOTION technology

USA:  At long last, system designers have been liberated from limited operating ranges and time-consuming tuning processes with the new InstaSPIN-MOTION motor control solution from Texas Instruments Inc. (TI).

InstaSPIN-MOTION is a comprehensive torque-, speed- and motion- control software solution that delivers robust system performance at the highest efficiency for motor applications that operate in various motion state transitions.

Built upon TI's InstaSPIN-FOC motor control solution, InstaSPIN-MOTION is uniquely designed to optimize complex motion sequences, reduce tuning to a single parameter and tracking desired trajectories with unmatched accuracy across operating ranges. It constitutes the easiest and most effective method for achieving optimized sensorless motor control.

TI's InstaSPIN-FOC solution, which was announced earlier this year, takes advantage of the FAST premium software sensor for rotor flux measurement and provides motor identification, automatic current control tuning and sensorless feedback in a field-oriented control (FOC) torque controller and speeds deployment of efficient, sensorless, variable load three-phase motor solutions.

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