Friday, April 5, 2013

Toshiba: Commitment to power devices

JAPAN: Power devices are strategic products, at the forefront of the discrete devices business. In power electronics, Toshiba's focus is on the development of MOSFETs and IGBTs, indispensable devices for securing an efficient, stable electricity supply—a precondition for flourishing smart communities that utilize big data in real time to realize high-performance infrastructure responsive to changing needs.

Efficient use of energy and storage capacity is a pressing issue in industrial applications, including power supply for the base stations needed to handle growing numbers of smartphone and tablet PCs; power supply for servers in data centers and intelligent automobiles; and wind farms and other renewables. Toshiba's MOSFETs and IGBTs can play a vital role in any effective solution meeting these needs.

The U-MOS VIII-H Series, our latest MOSFET fabricated using eighth generation trench process, offers an industry-leading performance, achieving a 50 percent reduction in RONA and a 40 percent reduction in RONCiss compared with the previous products, such as AC-DC converters and DC-DC converters.

Our plans call for the launch of a wide range of products with VDSS from 30V to 250V by September 2013 to meet needs in industrial applications, including highly efficient power supplies for servers and base stations.

In the first half of fiscal 2013, Toshiba will also enrich the choice of surface mount devices with minimal package resistance by offering a line-up of products with VDSS from 30V to 250V. The products will realize high-efficiency power electronics in industrial applications, such as AC-DC converters and DC-DC converters for the power supply of servers, base stations and solar micro-inverters.

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