Monday, April 1, 2013

Finesse Solutions intros SmartParts for intelligent universal controllers

USA: Finesse Solutions Inc., a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, announced the launch of its new SmartParts family of intelligent transmitters and actuators.

SmartParts are the building blocks for Finesse's next generation of bioreactor controller systems that are intelligent and universal. In this context intelligent and universal indicate that they have plug-and-play capability and can control any size or type of upstream vessel. This reduces complexity and increases efficiency and flexibility for the end user.

Designed for R&D scale-up, and cGMP - SmartParts have built-in diagnostics, programmable functionality (or "personalities"), and local control that is optimized for the function of each component.  SmartParts include the TruSens (transmitter for electrochemical pH/dissolved oxygen and temperature sensors), TruFluor pH/DO blades (transmitters for single-use optical pH/dissolved oxygen sensors), TruTorr Tx (transmitter for single-use pressure sensors), SmartScale Tx(transmitter for load cells and scales), SmartPumps (digitally controlled pumps in three different sizes), SmartMFC's (digital mass flow controllers), and the SmartMotor (actuator for bioreactor agitators and rockers).

When the components are plugged into a Finesse control system, they are automatically recognized with many of the settings configured automatically. The local control of the actuator generally implies more accurate control with far less loading of the control system. This concept is loosely built on the principle of distributed intelligence and allows for a highly scalable and automated control scheme.

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