Thursday, April 4, 2013

CadSoft EAGLE update brings increased interoperability and enhanced modelling

ENGLAND: CadSoft Computer GmbH, a part of Premier Farnell, has revealed a series of new interoperability features and improved design simulation and modelling to further extend the appeal of its award-winning and easy-to-use EAGLE PCB software for professional board design.

The new features focus on design simulation and modelling and additions include an LT-Spice connection, allowing engineers to import and simulate LT-Spice schematics into EAGLE and vice versa.  Drawings from P-CAD, Altium and Protel can also now be imported via the intermediate format ACCEL ASCII to enhance interoperability and flexibility.

Limor Fried, AKA Lady Ada, founder of Adafruit Industries, has been using CadSoft EAGLE for a number of years and commented: "For my desktop computer, I depend on CadSoft EAGLE. It's my tool of choice for designing the electronics I create at Adafruit Industries and a lot of engineers use it to make the circuit boards for electronic products."

Version 6.4 also delivers an improved user interface, control panel and display and search function making the software easier to use and increasing design productivity.  V6.4 also provides extended support for Mac OSX 10.8.

"For rapid prototyping and wider systems development PCB design is a critical part of the design flow that can become a bottleneck.  The enhanced features and extended interoperability with other products make this release of CadSoft EAGLE an even smarter choice for designers who need speed and flexibility coupled with ease of use and quality of design," said Thomas Liratsch, GM at CadSoft.

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