Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Innovation leaders roadmap future of portable power

Battery Power 2013, USA: From mobile phones and tablets to power tools and two-way radios, portable electronics are an integral part of everyday life. Improving the consumer experience with longer battery life and convenient charging can give OEMs and battery manufacturers a competitive edge. Join hundreds of design engineers at Battery Power 2013, June 6-7 in Denver, Colo., to discuss the best practices to improve your power needs.

The conference is designed for OEM design engineers, system engineers, technical and management professionals involved in mobile battery powered products, battery manufacturing, R&D and power management technology. Presentation topics include new battery designs, battery materials, power management, wireless charging, testing and safety, as well as the latest market trends.

“With the continued expansion of power-hungry electronic devices and the trend to integrate wireless charging into main-stream America, it is more important than ever for design engineers to develop products that live up to consumer expectations,” said Shannon Given, program manager of Battery Power 2013. “With devices such as tablets, e-Readers and smart phones, design engineers are seeking ways to improve battery life while reducing the battery footprint. Battery Power 2013 addresses these topics and others impacting mobile devices.”

Industry-leading companies presenting at Battery Power 2013 include Nokia, Intel, Argonne National Lab, XMS Capital, Underwriters Laboratories, Texas Instruments, Pike Research, Idaho National Lab, Vishay, Qualcomm, Palladium Energy and RRC Power Solutions.

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