Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mouser announces global distribution of Terasic design solutions for Altera FPGAs

TAIWAN: Mouser Electronics Inc. announced a new global distribution agreement with Terasic Technologies, a world innovator in FPGA design solutions. The Terasic product line-up includes FPGA based and programmable logic devices.

Terasic is a top design partner for Altera Corp. and is a member of the Altera Design Services Network (DSN) Program. As an Altera DSN Partner, Terasic continues to assist Altera in providing timely services, high-quality products, and excellent technical support to customers.

The significant improvements in FPGA performance and the dramatic reduction in costs have opened up the use of programmable logic to a universe of new products.Such improvements have made programmable logic even more essential for product development, education, and research. Terasic Technologies is dedicated to providing a wide range of various FPGA based boards for academia and to industries that combine quality, performance, and low cost to meet every single requirement.

Mouser is stocking Terasic’s newest Stratix and Cyclone FPGA development tools, boards, and kits, including tools for Cyclone I through Cyclone IV and the DE5-Net Stratix V GX FPGA Development Kit.

These kits provide ideal hardware solutions for designs that demand high capacity and bandwidth memory interfacing, ultra-low latency communication, and power efficiency. The DE5-Net is designed for the most demanding high-end applications, empowered with the top-of-the-line Altera Stratix V GX, delivering the best system-level integration and flexibility in the industry.

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