Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Invensys Eurotherm maintains quality and efficiency whilst driving down PCBA cost working with eXception EMS

UK: eXception EMS, part of the eXception Group, a leading UK based printed circuit board and contract electronics manufacturer, has successfully achieved maximum efficiencies in the supply and assembly of PCBs for the Eurotherm division of Invensys, saving it over £60k in the last 12 months alone.

With 250 varieties of PCBs required for its 30+ product lines, Eurotherm needed a supplier who could produce high quality PCBs, first class testing facilities, extensive quality control, knowledgeable staff and performance of good housekeeping skills. After a review of a number of suppliers, and a thorough selection review based on cost, quality, capability and service level, Eurotherm chose to work with eXception EMS.

eXception EMS provides PCB assembly of 13 different boards that fit inside of three of Eurotherm’s core products, the 6000 Series Data Management, the Nanodac Recorder/Controller, and the EPower Controller. Many of the boards that fit into these devices are highly complex, and that’s where eXception’s skill and experience in this area comes into play.

High layer count boards with multiple BGAs require precise soldering control. eXception’s team of skilled personnel and the testing facilities available at their Wiltshire site have given Eurotherm the ability to produce high quality, high complexity PCBs at cost effective pricing.

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