Monday, April 22, 2013

Marvell and SHARP demo smart digital LED lighting system

USA:  Marvell and Sharp Electronics announced the results of a collaboration to develop a Smart Digital LED Lighting System designed to enable custom-featured solution in lighting automation and control.

The Digital LED Lighting System allows wired and wireless network control, which includes lumens, brightness, CRI and CCT creating a Full Semblance White Light System.

The system combines Sharp's Tiger Zenigata 15W LED and a production down light luminaire design with Orama Inc.'s Smart LED drivers & digital controller, which is based on Marvell's advanced LED driver ICs and control ICs.

The system lays the foundation for luminaires that can be quickly configured by software control to meet each client's individual lighting application's setting. The Marvell and Sharp collaboration brings advanced LED lighting features – including remote access from mobile devices and light automatically optimized for the viewers' experience for every task to various markets at an affordable price point.

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