Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mouser delivers LedEngin ViviLux LED modules

TAIWAN: Mouser Electronics Inc. announced it is stocking the new ViviLux LEDs from LedEngin, winner of "Advanced in Lighting" by e-Legacy Awards for 2012.

LedEngin ViviLux LEDs deliver bold, vivid, and energy-efficient Lux-on-Target directional lighting for retail and commercial lighting. These high-efficiency, CRI 90 emitter-plus-lens combinations offer superior performance, leveraging LedEngin's high density LuxiGen LED emitters and optics with high quality light, beam control, and the energy-efficiency demanded in today's green environment.

The powerful, yet compact ViviLux emitter and lens combinations have the highest luminous efficacy, or lux/Watt, for a single CRI 90 LED, while maximizing Lux-on-Target for downlighting and accent lighting where high quality illumination is demanded.

Additionally, emitter-to-emitter variations of less than 2.5 MacAdam Ellipses guarantee lighting consistency. ViviLux is available in three beam options—24º, 35º, and 45º—providing flexibility and freedom in lighting design.

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