Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SWITCH unveils next gen LED A-Lamp

LIGHTFAIR International 2013, USA: SWITCH Lighting, makers of the only family of liquid-cooled LED replacement A-Lamps, unveiled its latest breakthrough product, the SWITCH infinia, to a group of industry insiders at LIGHTFAIR International yesterday.

The SWITCH infinia is the company’s newest LED A-Lamp, available in 40 and 60 watt-equivalent models, and will be released this summer at limited retail locations and commercial distribution with an average price to the end user of under $20.

“This is another example of technology innovation from SWITCH,” said EC Sykes, CEO of SWITCH. “Our team is consistently recognized for developing cutting edge lighting products and now has developed the next generations of LED A-Lamps to serve the broader consumer and specialty commercial markets. Due to the LQD Cooling System, our unmatched thermal management technology, we’re able to offer our customers a more affordable alternative to the incandescent with no compromises to light quality.”

The SWITCH infinia is designed to exactly replace the look and performance of traditional 40W and 60W incandescent A-Lamps, while saving up to 83 percent on energy costs. The SWITCH infinia will be available in warm and cool color temperatures (2700K and 5000K), will offer a full range of light distribution, and is covered by a 10 year residential and three year commercial warranty.

Like the rest of SWITCH’s LED A-Lamps, the SWITCH infinia provides the same familiar glow of an incandescent A-Lamp, while using a fraction of the energy and lasting 25 times as long. The SWITCH infinia fits into standard light sockets, turns instantly on, and is dimmable. Unlike some LED replacement A-Lamps, it can be used in the same manner as any incandescent or compact fluorescent equivalent - in any orientation, any fixture, anywhere. The SWITCH infinia contains no hazardous chemicals, unlike the mercury found in CFLs.

The SWITCH infinia also uses the company’s patented LQD Cooling System - the most innovative and effective thermal management system on the market today. The LQD Cooling System is a blend of the company's overall electronic design and proprietary technologies: a coolant made of liquid silicone, and a patented, highly efficient and reliable electronic driver. SWITCH is up to 40 percent more effective at cooling LEDs than typical air-cooled LED A-Lamps.

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