Friday, March 22, 2013

Larson releases flange mounted class 1 division 2 LED light

USA: Larson Electronics Magnalight announced the addition of a Class 1 Division 2 linear flange mounted LED for hazardous location area use.

The HAL-24-2L-LED-FLGM is a two foot, 2 lamp LED fixture with a flange style mounting bracket the wiring hubs can be connected above the mounting surface while the lens and bulb access is available below the mounting surface.

Larson Electronics announced the release of the HAL-24-2L-LED-FLGM LED light for Class 1 Division 2 areas. A one inch flange around this hazardous location lighting fixture enables operators to install the light in a 'cut-out' on a mounting surface. This enables operators to lower the profile of the fixture to less than 3 inches, since the bulk of the fixture, including the wiring hubs is outside the mounting surface.

Operators looking to maximize the usable space within a booth or enclosure will benefit from this flange mounted LED light. The flange mount preserves the ability for the operators to change the lamps and access the fixture from within the enclosure for easy maintenance.

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