Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aledia makes first LEDs on 8-inch silicon wafers

FRANCE & USA: Aledia, a developer of LEDs based on disruptive microwire GaN-on-Silicon technology, announced that it has made its first LEDs on 8-inch (200mm) silicon wafers.

The cost of Aledia’s LED 3D chips based on microwires is expected to be four times less than traditional planar (2D) LEDs. Additionally, Aledia announced its first-round financing totalling €10 million (approximately $13M) with leading US and European investors, which was closed in 2012.

Aledia solves the important cost issue in the very large and growing LED market. The continued integration of LEDs into new applications, such as general lighting, depends on LEDs becoming available at substantially lower prices than today.

Aledia’s microwire technology enables the steep cost reduction that is vital for the further transition to LED. The Aledia LED technology, made on large-size silicon wafers and with very low materials cost, represents a cost-disruptive solution to this problem. Furthermore the new LED technology is compatible with silicon CMOS technology and will be manufactured directly in existing high-volume silicon foundries.

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