Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toshiba releases motor driver IC for small fan

JAPAN: Toshiba has launched single-phase motors for axial fans, such as home appliances like refrigerators and PC sine wave drive digital control type. The driver IC begins volume production in April.

Single-phase axial flow fan is commonly used appliances that requires low noise and energy saving, cooling applications of PC server. Recently, in some cases due to the high capacity of the server, cooling fan (s) is required 6-8 per unit. In these applications, there is a need for low power consumption of the motor, low noise, downsizing.

The digital control circuit with newly designed, to control the sinusoidal current flowing through the motor, compared with the rectangular wave drive system in the past, to smooth rotation of the motor, "TC78B002FTG" new product, 30 percent of the efficiency of the motor improved 2 a reduction of approximately 2~3dB noise value 2 I realize.

In addition, the digital control, it is possible to control the amplitude and phase from the outside, and the modulation scheme of the output waveform is also possible the optimization of each application.

The control circuit in the IC is in power output circuit is configured with a single chip by while using DMOS, using a hybrid process of our latest technology, the CMOS. Type 16-pin package is adopted leadless QFN, was downsized by 70 percent reduction compared with its predecessor.

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