Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Intelligent Energy reports highest power densities for automotive fuel cells

ENGLAND: Intelligent Energy announced that its proprietary fuel cell technology is providing leading levels of power output and performance for a number of its automotive customers, with the company’s fuel cell stacks demonstrating continuous volumetric and gravimetric power densities of 3.7 kW/L and 2.5 kW/kg, respectively.

“We believe that our fuel cell stack technology has achieved industry leading power density performance. These interim results are only part way along our technology roadmap and much more is still to come with further improvements in the pipeline,” Intelligent Energy’s Motive Division MD, James Batchelor commented.

“Importantly, we deliver these benchmark performance levels using our own patented technology which has been designed for high volume, low-cost manufacturing. We provide our technology to existing clients as they progress towards series production and continue to work with new automotive customers and OEMs under a variety of commercial arrangements.”

Intelligent Energy is a global leader in fuel cell design and development, with a range of high performance, compact, cost-effective and scalable technology focused on its target market sectors.

In 2012, the company formed a joint venture in Japan with the Suzuki Motor to manufacture fuel cells for a range of automotive and other sectors. This February, within 12 months of its incorporation, the joint venture, SMILE FC System, announced the completion of the first ready-to-scale production line.

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