Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Silego intros world's smallest plastic packaged load switch

USA: Silego Technology's extensive line of load switches now includes the world's smallest standard packaged load switch.

The 1x1 mm load switch has programmable ramp rate control, integrated discharge, and over-temperature protection. "Silego designs our products with reliability, ease of use, and high volume in mind," said John McDonald , VP of Marketing.

He continued: "We again demonstrate adherence to those principals with this introduction of the world's smallest high-performance load switch using standard packaging. Most electronics manufacturers prefer standard plastic packages over WL-CSP, as they are easier to manufacture, and have better reliability in harsh environments."

In addition, Silego's power process allows integrated advanced power protection circuits. The SLG59M1440V has an integrated temperature sensor that shuts the switch OFF during over-temperature conditions.

Load switches are used to switch power rails. Silego load switches control surge currents at turn on with programmable linear ramps, reduce leakage on a power rails when the system is OFF or in hibernate mode, and replace the much larger power MOSFETs and their associated control circuitry often at the same cost and with lower Rds(ON).

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