Friday, March 29, 2013

Compound Photonics acquires commercial laser technology assets of Alfalight

USA:  Compound Photonics, the engineered light technology company that is changing the world of modern projection, has purchased certain assets of Alfalight, a leading manufacturer of high-performance laser diode products.

Compound Photonics will acquire Alfalight's commercial laser diode product line and operations and will support current commercial laser customers. Alfalight retains its defense lines of business to focus on developing and manufacturing ruggedized laser component and system-level solutions for defense customers.

Compound Photonics develops complete high-definition and ultra HD 4K projection light engines for smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics devices as an integrated system including the display, laser illumination sources, mirrors, optics, drive electronics, software and housing. This keeps costs low and simplifies the supply chain and integration process so manufacturing can scale to the huge volumes required for rapidly growing global mobile device markets.

"Adding highly efficient, wavelength-stabilized diode and diode pump laser components to our substantial technology portfolio strengthens our position as the most advanced vertically-integrated projection light engine manufacturer," said Jonathan A. Sachs, president and CEO of Compound Photonics.

The acquisition brings together the science and engineering teams and manufacturing capabilities from both companies. The combined team includes experts in imaging technologies, laser diode light sources, thin films, digital and analog ASIC design, image processing software, optics and system design.

This innovative technology is based on advanced aluminum-free active region (ALFA) laser structures enabling the manufacturing and delivery of laser diodes with exceptionally high reliability and industry-leading efficiency all protected by a strong intellectual property portfolio.

The laser diode technology acquired by Compound Photonics has established the benchmark for high-power diode laser efficiency. The company's diodes have high brightness and output power, while delivering excellent beam quality in a variety of package configurations. The lasers are highly-efficient solid state diode lasers with a miniature form factor ideal for embedded projectors for mobile devices.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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