Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exar delivers enhanced 2Amp step down PowerBlox voltage regulator

USA: Exar Corp. announced the availability of the XRP7674, a new synchronous pulse frequency modulation/pulse width modulation (PFM/PWM) step down voltage regulator with a maximum load current of 2 Amps and operating input voltage up to 18V.

This latest addition to Exar's PowerBloxTM family of high voltage, high current step down regulators, provides customers with a compact and integrated solution with improved light load efficiency, achieving better than 90 percent efficient conversions for output current as low as 50mA.

The XRP7674 is optimized for 5V and 12V inputs and addresses the needs of energy efficient equipment and the latest Energy Star regulations. This includes audio-video equipment such as set-top boxes and gaming systems, telecom, computing peripherals, distributed point-of-load conversions and portable applications where light load efficiency is essential.

"Energy efficient products are not only about energy bill savings, they also run cooler ultimately improving overall reliability and operation," said Eric Pittana , director of marketing, Power Product Line, Exar. "The XRP7674 delivers excellent efficiency for always on points-of-load over a wide range of currents without the additional costs of other solutions."

The XRP7674 is a synchronous current mode PFM/PWM step down (buck) regulator capable of delivering a constant output current up to 2Amps. Reaching up to 95 percent efficiency, it achieves greater than 85 percent efficient conversions over a 30mA to 2A load current range.

The XRP7674 operates at a fixed 340 kHz switching frequency, with output voltage adjustable down to 0.925V with +/- 2 percent accuracy across the entire operating range. A dedicated enable pin and programmable soft start provide design flexibility for any point-of-load supply. Built-in current limit, output over voltage and thermal shutdown protection provide the XRP7674 with fail-safe operations.

The XRP7674 offers a package equivalent upgrade to Exar's popular XRP7664.

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