Thursday, March 21, 2013

Omron releases D6F-PH thermal flow-type MEMS differential pressure sensor

JAPAN: Omron Corp. announced the release of the D6F-PH MEMS differential pressure sensor featuring Omron’s newly-developed cutting-edge MEMS thermal flow sensor chip.

The D6F-PH is a thermal flow-type sensor meaning it is capable of measuring with superior sensitivity and reproducibility in low pressure environments and with a wider pressure range than the commonly-used capacitance-type and piezoelectric-type differential pressure sensors.

Embedded ASICs carry out digital correction (linearity and temperature correction) making the D6F-PH more precise and less influenced by temperature than conventional analog output sensors.

The D6F-PH will make it possible to optimize business and household air conditioning and ventilation control in order to maximize energy efficiency, and also, for example, increase the accuracy of gas flow control and monitoring in digital medical equipment such as anesthetic machines and respirators.

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