Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Agilent launches Cary 7000 universal measurement spectrophotometer

USA: Agilent Technologies Inc. has launched the Cary 7000 universal measurement spectrophotometer (UMS), offering the highest quality and performance of any UV-Vis-NIR system, including complete sample characterization, lower cost per analysis and improved data quality for thin film, solar, glass, optics and other advanced materials applications.

The new product offers researchers a cutting-edge tool for discovery and development, and it provides manufacturers with the ability to reduce costs through faster time-to-market and more rigorous quality control.

The fully automated Cary 7000 UMS delivers:
* Measurements of transmission, absolute reflection and scattering without moving the sample.
* Automated, unattended operation that saves time and money.
* Superior optical performance that provides world-leading 10 Absorbance unit capabilities to measure the most challenging of samples.

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