Monday, June 3, 2013

MicroWave announces advanced GaAs pHEMT-based ultra-broadband driver MMIC amplifier up to 50 GHz

USA: MicroWave Technology Inc. (MwT), the RF division of IXYS Corp., announced that it offers an advanced AlGaAs/InGaAs pHEMT-based MMIC ultra-broadband driver amplifier product up to 50 GHz. 

The product is targeted at applications including fiber optics communications, microwave/mm-wave communications systems, microwave/mm-wave testing equipment, and military applications.

The MMA-005022 is an ultra-broadband Traveling Wave Amplifier MMIC with medium output power and high gain over a full range of nearly DC 30 KHz to 50 GHz. It offers a typical +22 dBm saturated power and +20 dBm output power at a 1dB gain compression point at 30 GHz.

The MMIC chip typically has 16 dB gain across the band with +/- 1dB gain flatness. The typical input/out return loss for the chip is 15 dB. The DC bias is 200 mA drain current with 7V drain voltage.

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