Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Asian Circuits unveils enhanced surface mount PCB assembly services

CANADA: Asian Circuits Inc., a Canadian, contract electronics manufacturer, has unveiled an enhanced SMT electronic assembly service to provide surface mount (SMT) PCB assembly for prototype and small production runs that are capable of fast turnaround times for PCB prototypes and maximum assembly flexibility for a wide variety of PCB designs.

Asian Circuits' surface mount PCB assembly services are ideal for prototype and small production runs and use both manual and automatic smd assembly processes for either single- and double-sided placement of all components. Asian Circuits' enhanced service has expanded assembly capabilities to include a wide variety of PCBs including, BGA, QFN, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, UBGA, POP, and other small chip packages that have a pitch of 0.3mm (8 mils) or larger.

One of thee most important factors in surface mount PCB assembly is the soldering process. Asian Circuits has innovated the soldering process to ensure it is matched to a circuit design as well as any other design constrictions. In order to detect the joint soldering quality, X-ray inspection is utilized.

For leadless parts such as QFN, DFN and BGA packages, where there is no way to perform a direct visual inspection, 3D X-ray inspection is used to verify any quality issues associated SMT soldering. In addition, reflow surface mount soldering requirements are followed for individual surface mount device parts for all assembly orders.

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