Monday, June 3, 2013

GigOptix demos leading high E-band power amplifier performance

IMS2013, USA: GigOptix Inc.  announced the successful demonstration of new high E-band power amplifier EXP8603 with enhanced P1dB, P3dB and reduced power consumption.

GigOptix EXP8603 high E-band second generation power amplifier device has demonstrated enhanced P1dB, Psat performance and reduced power consumption in the laboratory testing respect to first generation device EXP8602. The EXP8603 provides saturated output power at 3dB gain compression (P3dB) of 24dBm and an output power at 1dB gain compression point (P1dB) of 23dBm across the full bandwidth of 81-86GHz with a total gain of 18dB.

The EXP8603 has also an integrated output power detector with a dynamic range of more than 20dB. The improved P1dB and P3dB performance has been achieved while simultaneously decreasing the power consumption of the product by more than 10% and maintaining the gain. The EXP8603 also demonstrated an output intercept point (OIP3) above 31dBm across the full frequency range of 81-86GHz.

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