Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GE LED retail lamps freshen old-world market

USA: At The Fresh Market, shoppers can catch not only a delectable aroma, but also the hint of classical music in the air.

When the specialty grocery retailer decided to test updated indoor lighting at its new stores—to be followed by updated lighting at some existing stores—it wanted an energy-saving LED replacement lamp with a high color rendering index (CRI) and long life.

After a thorough evaluation, it found its final answer in GE’s energy smart 17-watt LED PAR38 Retail lamp. Once all installations are complete, GE’s grocery store lighting solution will result in a more than 10 million annual kilowatt hour (kWh) reduction.

GE’s PAR38 LED lamps helped The Fresh Market maintain its retail atmosphere by enhancing the color quality of goods while reducing glare, consuming less energy and generating less heat than the traditional halogen lamps they replaced. Since March 2011,

The Fresh Market has installed nearly 17,000 LED replacement lamps in its stores. Once all 130+ locations are complete this year, its comprehensive lighting update will translate to a total annual energy reduction of more than 10 million kWh.

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